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To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, 5 September, 2007

Att: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Sir,

Re: Response from Our Clearing House:

We have received a response from the Royal Trust Bank London. This response was sent by the bank's Clearing House which is The Bank of America New York, concerning the clearing of your fund that was released from the Royal Trust Bank London on the yesterday to your nominated Bank. Unfortunately, we have received a feeder message demanding immediate submission of the FUND ORIGIN AND ANTI-TERRORIST CLEARANCE CERTIFICTAE We did mentioned it very clearly to you yesterday that the said document is very important and may delay the release of your transferred sum if not submitted accordingly because It is against the International Monetary Agreement in every part of the world.

In view of this development, your fund has been placed ON HOLD with the Bank of America International Clearing House, New York and a Holding Account has been setup in your name. In the transfer instruction, your fund will be held for 72 hours in this holding account and failing to provide the needed document, this fund will be handed over to the Authority which is the Financial Crime Enforcement Network under the United States Treasury for appropriate action which may lead to the confiscation of the fund.

We have written to the authority that we will contact the beneficiary in accordance. However, for you to confirm the availability/proof of the transfer, you are advised to contact the Clearing House BANK OF AMERICA NEW YORK by going through the below instructions:

>From your phone Dial the Bank of America Number and follow the instruction carefully.

Bank of America Number: +1 703-286-2484
Security Pass Code: 7980
Your Account No: 67450027
Pin code to your account: 9121
Transfer Code: 477893

This is to confirm the availability of the fund with the Clearing House in New York under placement and will be released to you immediately the required documents are obtained and submitted to the Clearing House through us Our brokering agents will help in obtaining the needed Certificate on your behalf, if you do not have it before, however the cost will be paid by you.

Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for the understanding.

Robert Kime

Payment Administrator.
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