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Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2018
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Subject: Good Day To You,

Good Day To You,

I am Diplomat Agent. Mr. Andrew John. How are you today, I hope you are fine by the grace of God? I have never heard from you, I hope all is well with you, I am sending you this mail again as a REMINDER and to have your consent as regarding to your consignment box. Because I can't understand your recent silence towards me at this very stage. I have beg the Customs officer to allow me to go with your Package box but he refuse because your package box contains a lot amount of the Money.

I don't want to abandon the consignment box without delivering it to you. It's very risk for me to abandon the box in the airport. I contact my wife over there in Benin and pleased for your financial assistant but she do not have the cash available, she promise to assist you with the sum of $200 so that you can be able to send the remaining balance of $140.00 so that we can obtain the airport security clearance. Please i am begging you with the name of God to send the $140.00 so that he will clear out the box and continue his journey to your home and hand over the box to you before take my leave back to Benin.

Please do everything possible to send the remaining balance $140.00 today okay.because I have stayed more than my initial agreement like usual with my family and my wife is not happy about it. I appreciate my wife efforts so that I will deliver your consignment box and go back to my family because it's affects me most, I have spent all the money with me for my hotel expenses. and I have other business to attend in London.

If you will not send the remaining balance $140.00 between now and Monday I will re-confirm back my flight schedule to London and live your consignment box with the airport authority because i have tried my best to complete this delivery.

I am writing to inform you that the Airport Security Clearance Certificate must to be secured from the office of the Customs in Benin, because that is the only office that will issue you the original Airport Security Clearance Certificate of this funds since the fund was originated from Benin Republic. So you are hereby advised to send the $140.00 through western union or money-gram to the information provided to you and get back to me with the pick up details so i can forward it to the customs head office for them to pick up the money, secure the Airport Security Clearance Certificate and direct it over here so that i will clear out the box and continue my journey to your home to delivery the treasure box to you. You can buy iTunes Card if you can not send by Western Union or Ria. I hope everything is well understood.

Receiver's Name== Oje Mba
Country==Benin Republic
Amount .......$140.00.00

Attached here is my ID card and Copy of your Consignment box. I will get everything done today with the Customs officer and deliver your consignment to you without subjecting additional fees and will take 4hrs to arrive at your registered address. You have my words.

Please respond to me immediately. .

Yours sincerely
Diplomat Agent. Mr. Andrew John.

Hua Mulan

Staff member
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