Anila Sadiq Omar, Sudan


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from: Anila Anii <>
date: Jan 6, 2020, 3:56 PM
subject: Thanks for accepting my friendship request.

Thank you for your immediate reply. Like i said earlier, my name is Miss. Anila Sadiq Omar, I was born 25th June, 1993 (26yrs old), I'm 172.8 cm and 68.7 kg. I'm from (Republic of Sudan) But presently residing in refugee camp in Senegal due to the Assassination of my late parents in Sudan.

I really wish to have you as my good friend/partner and wishes to hand over my funds to you for investments on trust. I wish to use the funds for investments that is why I seek for your assistance to be my partner.
I have contacted you in good heart and the main reason why I have decided to entrust all this funds to you is because presently residing in refugee camp in Senegal due to the Assassination of my late parents in Sudan. I managed to find my way to (Senegal) through the help of a red-cross rescue official who saw me at middle of night running for my life, it has not been easy for me. Presently, here is too tough and hard on me and I'm planning to relocate any where out of Senegal to seek for a better future and to continue my studies, this is why i appeal for your assistance.

My father's name is Late. Omar Al Sadiq, My late father was an Oil magnet in Sudan and the CEO of SADIQ PETROLEUM LIMITED (SPL) in Khartoum, Sudan. As a refugee we are not permitted to transact business that is why I request that you help me to invest the fund, I want us to use the total fund for our investment with you while you take control of all investments.
Listen carefully, before the death of my late father, he made some deposits amounting to Twenty Two Million Seven Hundred Thousand American Dollars (US$22,700,000.00) which he penciled my name as the hair and next of kin being his only daughter and child.

I'm planning to claim this funds through assistance of a foreign partnership. This is the main reason why I contacted you to seek your assistance from the social network. But before we continue, I will like you to prove to me that you are a reliable person in whom I can place my confidence and entrust my inheritance,sorry really I don't know you in person but hope so much that we will discover ourselves as we go on,I shall compensate you with 20% of the total funds,for your kind assistance to stand as my foreign trustee partner but the most Important thing i need is your trust and cooperation if your interested in this deal. I want us to use the total fund for our investment with you while you take control of all, although I have more interest on Real Estate.

Note that the whole process is very simple and we must keep a low profile at all times and I want all our communications to remain on emails for now.
It will be my pleasure to seek your support and assistance to claim and transfer this funds to your private account to secure my future and education if i come over to your country soon, I urge you to secure my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you in your country for my total freedom and to complete my studies. I kept this secret to myself for security reasons and from the light of above, I will like you to keep the same secret to yourself and don't tell it to any third party irrespective of who it maybe because i am afraid of loosing my life and the money in the hands of government agencies.

here is too hard and there is hunger and suffering without medical care. we only feed once a day unless one receives a personal help from elsewhere. The only person who shows concerns here is Pastor Mark Johnson, whom i uses his office computer to communicate on internet. And in case you like to speak with me, you can call me through his office telephone number ( +221708-076-788 ) for voice conversation.

If you are interested to help me, Please send me your details below to enable me introduce you to the bank as my appointed trustee foreign partner.

1. Your name...................................
2. Your Country .............................
3. Your mobile phone numbers..........................
4. Your Job/occupation......................
5. Your Marital Status...........................
6. Your age.....................................
7. Your office or Home address..................

I will also need your permission to use your data to write a letter of nomination and introduction to the bank as my appointed trustee partner. I will stop here for the moment until i get a positive responds from you. Attached here are my pictures and i will like you to send me yours too.


Yours Anticipation,