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Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008
Subject: Divine Direction reply today
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It is my prayers that in any time in your life that you need help, God Himself will come to your aid. I wish to invest in the manufacturing and real estate business in your country. I have a substantial amount which I would like to invest in this transaction and i would like you to assist me in this transaction. I am only 18yrs old and until i am 24yrs I would not be a able to claim this funds I will liberally give you 15% of all the sum if you can act as my benefactor and guardian. Once you accept my request I would further you more details. You can reply me at my personal mailbox: <> with the following information's:


I leave you in God's loving arms.
Miss Annabel Maryse Affi Tiehi


from same email

Dear Friend
I really appreciate your understanding and assurance to help me.
Before continuing, I do like to inform you that this transaction is a risk free. It is completely risk free. The money in question I want to transfer into your bank account is my inheritance from my late father. It is legally acquired money so there is nothing wrong about it. Before the death of my father in Abidjan Ivory Coast, He sincerely called me on his bed side and told me that he had a sum of Eight million Three hundred thousand United state Dollars ($8,300,000 US DOLLARS) kept in a local bank here in Lagos Nigeria. He also used my name to Deposit the money, and me as his only daughter as next of kin/heiress am the only survival of the family, as my mum died 3 years before my dad of childbirth.

Like I told you in my mail, I am alone now.But you can make any verifications from my bankers.I want to transfer the money into your bank account after which, I shall travel to meet with you in your country so that we can invest the money in lucrative businesses.
I am only 18 years now and I do not have any experience of investment.
I am hoping on you to make the investment. Last week, I went to the bank here where the money was deposited to inform them that I want them to release the money to me. The bank people informed me that their was an agreement with my late father during the time of deposit that the money will not be given or release to me until I am at least 24 years of age.
Now that I am not up to 24 years, the bank said that I have to appoint another person who will act as my guardian so that they will release and transfer the money directly to the person. The bank said that the person that I will appoint must be a least 24 years or above. This is the reason why I have contacted you urgently to help me receive the money.
The second reason is that my father who was poisoned by his own family before his death told me to transfer the money to a bank account of a person of my choice abroad and leave this country immediately and also the crises here is getting worse and never subsides. I do not know any one that I can contact this is reason why I have requested you to help me.

My dear it is true that we do not know each other before now, I believe that we can work with one another and become reliable partners. I know that both of us will handle this transaction to a mutual benefit. Once I hear and conclude with you, I shall give you the contact of the bank here so that you can contact the bank as my guardian and request for transfer of this fund to your account.

The bank is already aware that I should appoint some one and they have been waiting for me to give them the name of the person. The bank will work directly with you and will release the money directly to you. Once the money is released, the bank will transfer the money into any account that you will provide.

This means that you will need to provide a bank account where the money will be transferred. It does not matter if there is money in the account or not. All the bank needs is a valid account that can accommodate the money when it is transferred. Once the money is transferred into the account, you shall send me some money back here so that I can arrange for my traveling documents. I hope to meet with you one week from the time that the money have been transferred into your bank account.

Concerning the reason why I choose you, I will like to tell you how it happened. I do not know whom I was going to appoint as my guardian. Now time was running out and I was getting more confused. I started asking God for directives on that. One day, I decided that I was going to look for people contacts and profile and select any one the sprit of God told me to pick. I went to an Internet center here in Lagos Nigeria were I presently live and started searching on the Internet. I got a lot of contact but I copied only three and took it home. When I got home, I kept the names and started praying on it so that God will direct me. I was afraid but at last, I had this assurance in my spirit that God will never let me down as an orphan. On the last day, I was led by my spirit to take you among the three names. I did not waste time but contacted you the next day. I trust you but I trust God the more because he will never fail me nor leave me.
From you mail too, I am sure you are the right person for me. I am compelled to even trust someone that I do not know because I do not have any choice.

I hope that this mail has explained so well and if you need to know anymore thing, do not hesitate to ask me so that I can answer. When I receive your next reply. I will leave you here and until I read from you.You can mail me on []

I leave you in God's loving arms.

Annabel Maryse Affi Tiehi