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Subject: Letter of Reminder for Your Ambassadorial Appointment with UNICEF.
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2020

4-8th Rangoon Close
P. O. Box AN 5051
Accra, Ghana.


Letter of Reminder for Your Ambassadorial Appointment with UNICEF.

This is a friendly reminder from UNICEF board of committee under the supervision of my honorable self, to remind you of your pending appointment with this organization.

Note that, your inauguration as been schedule against dated: 26th -29th of February 2020, at UNICEF HOUSE New-York USA. But before then have you been able to fill out the ARF1 form? This form will enable the board to review your document for evaluation, and then your letter of appointment and invitation for the upcoming inauguration will be sent to you.

We do understand that over sights happen but would appreciate prompt attention from you to complete this exercise, before a week to the date of your upcoming inauguration, kindly request for the ARF 1 form. Could you please let me know, what’s holding you back from completing this ambassadorial nomination exercise? Note that very soon the nomination windows will be closed so hurry up and complete this exercise on time. You are just a step away from completing this evaluation process. You are not the first person rather so many who are involved in this assignment has become successful at the end of the program as individual are recognized as a humanitarian officer worldwide, I invite your conscience and mindset to listen and carry out all instruction given to you as mentioned without any further delay or disloyalty.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Regard,
Ms Anne Claire Dufay,
UNICEF Residence Coordinator,
Accra Ghana.

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