Annette Holgate


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Does anyone of you received an email similar to this?
For awareness it is a SCAM! Today I have received an email coming from Annette Holgate. Stating that they have finally agreed to deliver my consignment box contains Cloth, Laptop and IPhone 8plus with an ATM CARD worth $ x xxx xxx fund through the national UPS company. And the agent is already at International Airport with my package. You know, I have seen fraudulent and scam activities when I'm still working as fraud analyst. I don't just easily believe in such emails/messages. I have done some research and I found out that the email I'm getting is a FRAUD. I believe the message I've received is a phishing email. They will ask your full name, physical add, postcode and € 195 to get legal documents that will back up delivery until it is delivered to your home address tomorrow on the same tomorrow. They will then send you the photos of the items that you will be receiving!

Her passport is edited and the scammer is using a name under ANNETTE HOLGATE! USA