Antonio Gianni


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Hi ny name is Ruwaida abd U am new here.

I have been scanned by a man who calls himself Antonio Gianni. I met him on a dating site in 2014. He asked me to conbect to yahoo so thar we could chat. We then started chatting on Yahoo chat, WhatsApp and Hangouts.

He said he was from the USA but was looking to relocate to South Africa. He said he was flying to Coventry to do a job as he had his own business called Gianni Oil And Gas. About a month later he advised that he was involved in an accident on his site. I was sent photographs of his burned down office . He asked me to loan him see money which I did. He then said that we can go into a partnership he would pay me 50% of whatever money he would recover. This continued until November 2019. He would send me bank account details to liaise with people in the bank who confirmed that money had to be paid to release the funds to me. He aldo told me that his son passed away about 3 years ago. He worked with different people. to date hereof I have not heard from him he has disappeared from the face of the earth.

During our conversation in March 2019 he have me his bank account details to prove to me that he is not a scam artist. I logged into his account and saw that he had a substantial amount if money. I then took it upon myself to transfer some money to my SA accounts being the money that he owed me plus the interest. The money has still not been released to my account and for some reason I am not getting a response from the bank. Is it possible for someone to help me to release this money to my account.

I have pictures and account numbers which can be provided.
I would like to attach the pictures but it is too large for the server. Can I send this to you by email.
Kindly contact me