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Greetings !

Our company provides personal services for our clients. Our HR department now have a position of a Personal virtual assistant. Many people combine this job with other activities. Duties of Office:
・Everyday online monitoring of operating client requests & open projects
・Corporate gifting and errands assistance example: assist to suggest and purchase Christmas gifts
・appointments and conference call scheduling. For example, arranging a meeting with business partners.
・Online research - for instance,find accommodation, vacation facilities, hotels, car rentals or tickets.
・Counseling for customers regarding selection of an optimal online requests and tasks delivery of full internet research and other inquiries pertaining to client requests and projects.
・Client counseling: explanation of benefits, terms of service, provision of complete information regarding the list of services. Counseling of customers is conducted remotely: via email or other online services.
Labor Conditions:
Candidates may select the most preferable work status.
Part-time occupation, flexibe schedule:
* In-office work available for New York City residents
* Work at home, 2-3 hours a day in average
All applicants start with the testing time of One month. We pay you for this trial. During the probationary period, you will be working on a partial work with flexible hours. A candidate may go on the full-time occupation after you pass your testing time.
・$33,000 annual Salary and bonuses from clients:
Candidate Specification
* PC user
* Experience in customer support of at least 1 year as sales officer, adviser, etc.
* Well-bred written speech
* Accountability, accuracy, efficient response Reply to this email for more details or skip this email in case you don't need extra money.
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