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The apartment located in 2336 Whyte Avenue, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6H6 is in excellent condition and it's just like in the pictures, very clean and very well kept. Honestly from point of view I'm sure that you will rent it on spot. I'm not looking to make a business or a profit with the apartment, I'm just trying to find a responsible tenant to take good care of the place. The apartment has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It is furnished but if you want you can use your furniture and deposit mine in the storage unit near the building so is not far away. The rent is 700CAD/month with everything included (heat, hydro, water, electricity, cable and internet, 2 parking spots, laundry in-suite, washer and dryer). You will have full access to all the amenities of the building (sauna, pool, fitness room, gym, party room, visitor parking). Pets are allowed. I stayed in the apartment with my wife for 3 months. About me: I'm a civil engineer and I work for a worlwide company called Jacobs Engineering, I'm 45 years old married with 2 children. The reason I'm renting the apartment is that I'm relocating with my job in another country and I already signed the contract that will be for the next 4 years. Everything in the apartment is new so there will be no need for repairs. The only problem is that I need to send you the keys and papers because it is a private property.I'm sure we can make this happen.




Thank you for your reply. As I told you before the rent for 1 month will be 700CAD and damage deposit 350CAD with no extra fees and you will have full access to all the amenities of the building. The price will not increase for the whole period that you will stay there. I would also like to know how many people will live in the apartment and also which rental contract do you prefer- 6 months rental contract with option of renewal or 1 year rental contract with option of renewal. The monthly payments can be wired to my Bank Account (TD Bank) or we can setup a payment method that is suitable for both of us. The apartment is in excellent condition, you only need to receive the keys and the contract so you could check it out, and see if you like it that I'm sure you will. Since at this moment I'm in London, United Kingdom and obviously we need a safe way to complete this deal.The solution is a worldwide third party company called RentPayment Safe Exchange (www. rentpayment. com) ,they will provide assistance in handling the payment and delivery of the rental package. With this procedure you will be able to check the apartment before I receive the payment. Please be aware that is NOT necessary for you to register with RentPayment Safe Exchange given that I'm a registered user for 4 years and I've made over 30 transactions with them so far. They are really professional and they have great services. My phone number is +4420 81339582 (if you are calling from Canada or United States you need to dial 011-44-20-8133 9582). You can call me or e-mail any time you wish.
Let me know if you are interested so I can provide with all the steps of this transaction, everything that you need to know about this process before we get this started. I think is right for both of us.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!