Asian Financial Regulators


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Are here:

The Reserve Bank of India has links to consumer information on its webpage, here: The third link on the left, "Financial Intermediaries" will open a search bar that lists a number of different banks including state banks, private banks, and others which are presumably regulated.

The Bank Indonesia has a list of banks (in Indonesian) here, but you should be able to figure them out OK:

The Ministry of Finance (in English) or in Japanese:
The Financial Services Agency is here (In English): or here in Japanese:

The Monetary Authority of Macao has a webpage which lists registered banks, insurance compnaies etc. The links are at the top part of the page, and once in that section you may have to click a link on the left to get the list of regulated institutions.
English page:
Chinese page:
Portuguese page:

The Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) regulates all banking institutions. The complete list is here (in English) with links in the center of the page. The same information in Bahasa Malaysia is here:

The State Bank of Pakistan regulates all banks and D.F.I.s in Pakistan. A list is available in English of all regulated banks and their contact information, here: