Attorney Mr John Richard, UBA, Nigeria


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Date: Sun, 12 May 2019
Subject: Good Morning here Dear owner are you still ALIVE or you are Dead,

Good Morning here Dear owner are you still ALIVE or you are Dead,

I want to inform you that after our meeting this morning with board of directors of Uba Bank Ltd, I have been mandated to cancel your international certified bankers draft valued $870,000.00 been Accrued Interest Payment on your contract sum.

But I am not please in cancel your payment because of what you have been through in the past in trying to get this funds so I will not be a party to deny you this opportunity of having this money release to you because of $125. in order to help you make things work in your favor I advise you to make available this shipment fee of $125 to enable me have your draft shipment to for you to clear it in your bank , instead of canceling the draft as I know this money will go a long way in your life and that of your family.

Get back to me today if this ok by you with your receiving information as soon this information is received the scan copy of your draft will be send to as attachment for your confirmation soon the fee is received by this office the original copy of the draft will be send to you through Uba Bank Ltd approved courier. regards

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Attorney Mr. John Richard
Head, Legal Department
Uba Bank Ltd Nigeria Plc