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Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2019
Subject: Guaranteed Payment
From: "Mrs. Barbara J. Desoer" <>

Global Bank
8 Catherine St, New York, NY 10038, USA

Date: 17th of July 2019
From: Global Bank
subject: Guaranteed Payment

With liberty and justice for all. From The Desk of President and Chief
Executive Officer of Global Bank Citi New York NY USA Trust Corporation
Finance & Securities Your Ref: BBPLC/23148/008 Our Ref: BBPLC/XX76890YT5

Attn: Beneficiary.

This is to inform you that we are reaching you at this time because we had to get adequate clearance for payment.

Sequel to your email response, I want to use this opportunity to notify you that every email which we in this Bureau send to you is officially certified and for this reason we expect your co-operation at every level so that success can be achieved accordingly.

We are contacting you through this email account for swift communication as required by this single customer transaction. This official letter is to confirm the receipt of your email message and the application for account closure/wire transfer advise by the Homeland Security (DHS) in your favor.

Following the “comprehensive letter for payment” received yesterday (16th July 2019) by this bank from (Ms. Elaine C. Duke, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) we have been advised to pay you immediately via Swift MT103 Wire transfer which is a guaranteed mode of swift wire transfer considered to be as good as cash. To this effect, be informed that we are ready to proceed to credit your choice bank account with the bill sum valued US$15,500,000:00 ( Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only).

Professionalism and Excellence are the watch deeds of this noble bank and so we are contacting you today in other to enlighten you on how you can receive your due funds valued (US$15,500,000:00). Considering the “comprehensive letter for payment” which we received from (Ms. Elaine C. Duke, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) we are mandated to release and transfer your due funds into your choice bank account with immediate effect. Due to our efficient banking service you will certainly receive your due funds within a few days As soon as the above necessary requirements. In the history of this bank, there has never been a record of an unfulfilled transaction so expect an efficient service from us because it is our pleasure to handle your transaction.

In conclusion to the crucial meeting with the Executive Board of Directors of this bank and the State Security on Finance (SSF) we have collectively approved that you will certainly receive this due funds via "Swift MT103 Wire Transfer Mode". This is a very safe mode of payment and it is one of the best in terms of international payments of this sort because it is a perfect innovation. On behalf of The Executive Board of Directors of "Global Bank of New York" I hereby guarantee you with 100% that you will receive your fund without a hitch from the American Government or any international body once you send the required fee to obtain all the needed documents so your fund will be certified.

Global Bank of New York is one of America’s largest bank because we possess one of the best banking channel and network in the entire region of America, therefore you should expect our radiant efficiency in this transaction. The Executive Board of Directors of this bank officially requires you to confirm the below listed data for the release of your funds.

1. First Name, Middle Name and Last Name.
2. Residential Address.
3. Occupation.
4. Telephone Number and Fax Number.
5. Next of Kin.
6. A form of identification (send us your I.D, Driver’s License or int'l passport via email attachment).
7. Bank Name and Bank Address.
8. Account Number and Account Name.
9. Swift Code and Routing Number (if available).

As soon as the above necessary requirements are met then we shall proceed with the release and transfer of your due funds. Officially, you are mandated to provide the above-mentioned data and the required fee of US$650 to this bank before we can proceed with the release and transfer of funds.

Banking with Global Bank-USA certainly opens several doors for you. Thank you for banking with us.

This bureau is closely monitoring and supervising this transaction in other to ensure efficiency and to also ensure that your rights are not violated.

Officially Sealed.
Mrs. Barbara J. Desoer
President and Chief Executive Officer
Global Bank
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