Barrister Amusan Peter

From:, Nigeria, Lagos, Airtel Networks Limited
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2018
From: "Barr. Amusan peter" <>
Reply-To: "Barr. Amusan peter" <>
Subject: Attention my dear Beneficiary

Welcome to Administrative Audit unit office
Address: 11th Floor Federal Secretariat,
Central Business District
FCT Abuja, Nigeria

Attention my dear Beneficiary

In the course of our investigation, your email address were shortlisted among the first fifteen individuals yet to be paid their overdue Re-compensation funds worth US$2,800,000.00.The Re-compensation funds been successfully accredited in your favor through BANK SWIFT CARD which you can withdraw in any ATM Machine World wide nearest to you.

However, we received a Complained today from Mrs. Christina Morgan that you are dead. According to her, you died in Road accidents as such your Fund should be ship to her as the apparent heir. If we fail to hear from you after 48 hours, it will be assumed that the complains of Mrs.Morgan is true and the fund will be delivered to her without further delay. Contact the Director of Audit to verify this from the Administrative Audit unit.

And all the necessary documents of the delivery will hands over to her immediately. If we fail to hear from you after 48 hours, and she also wanted to paid the delivery fee of the ATM DEBITS CARD right now but we told her that we will investigation the matters weather true or lie.

To avoid undue delay or delivery the fund to wrong individual, we have decided to contact you for confirmation.Your personal information is also required immediately as below which will be needed for confirmations before we transfer the funds to her.

(A) Full name.........
(B) country...........
(C) Residential address.......
(D) Active Telephone numbers......
(E) YOUR ID........
(F) Ocupation..........

we are waiting to hear from you soon, if you are still alive.

best Regards:
Barr. Amusan peter
Director audit unit
EMail: ( )