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From: "Barrister. David Goodman"
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2018
Subject: About your $4,m. transfer from, urgent reply now...,

Urgent reply now

Money Gram Inc wish to officially inform you through this medium that your USD$4,800,000.00 outstanding transaction from with us has been perfected and the fund release order application has been approved in your favor for your total funds to be released to you through Money Gram Swift Money transfer, Your funds transfer approval was granted since by the appropriate authorities and endorsed by Money Gram Head Office, but the maximum amount you will be receiving every day starting from tomorrow is $8,000.00 twice daily as reflected in our transfer system daily until the total funds is completely transferred here in Benin to you.

This special arrangement is being used to avoid all scrupulous demands by both the states and federal authorities that have previously delayed your payment till date; we hall need your maximum co-operation to ensure that strictness and confidence is maintained to avoid any further delays. You are to discard any request asking you to send money to any agency such as Courier Company, Bank and Security Agency as there are no such and any money committed there will be regretted, so be wise. The above arrangement has been signed and endorsed by (ECOWAS), UNITED NATIONS (UN), EUROPEAN UNION (EU) given credence that this transaction is devoid of any form of illegality. Please contact the Accredited MONEY GRAM Agent for the details of your first payment of $8,000 USD and reconfirm your correct details that you will like the first transfer to be program with such as receiver's name, destination where you will like the transfer to be send to and your phone number for urgent communication if the need arise.

Contact Mr. Frank Edward :

Fill your details below for reference purposes :
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Remember your obligation to secure an International Remittance Form as stated in United Nations act of FRT209 that will help build and renew your transfer file for record keeping as a way of checkmating the
present economic crisis situation.

Thanks and God bless you.
Barrister David Goodman