Barrister Morgan O John


Staff member
Return-Path: <>
From: Barrister Morgan o John <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2020
Subject: Attn,


This letter has been sent to you previously without hearing from you.

We have received an appropriate letter from Executive Board of Director treasury department to transfer your fund deposited in our bank. We have set all the transfer documents behind your whole amount. Meanwhile, you are advice to choose one out of the three specified payment methods that you would like to receive your money safely:-

1) Via Bank to bank transfer/online access transaction

2) Via a custom pin based VISA CARD with a maximum withdrawal limit of (€100,000.00 Euros) a day till you receive your amount complete.

2) Via Western Union Money transfer of (€5,000.00) every day till you receive your amount complete.

Therefore, you are hereby giving advice to immediately respond with your choice for immediate release of your funds.
Finally: be sure the information you gave is valid to avoid any mistake during the transfer, if not re-confirm your information along with your option above before transferring your fund.

Full Name…
Address and country….
Any of your identification card/passport….
Direct phone number…..

This is to be sure we don’t make any mistake with your paper backed up your fund and your statement of account drafted.

Yours Faithfully,
Barr Morgan O John ,
Phone: +2348151285900.