Barrister Mori Fujistu Amida


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Email about the scam format from one scammer, Eghosa Ahanor, to another.

The false passport for the barrister is at We call them lawyers here.

From: Giwa-Amu K.O <>
Subject: Re: Work from Gbege
To: "Gbege Blacky" <>
Date: Saturday, September 19, 2009, 7:07 PM

Amida & Akasaka Osaka, Japan
202 Oe Building, 8-1 Nishi-Temma, 2-Chome, Kita-ku

This is the information you should forward to the client, tell him to send an application requesting for the services of Bar, Mori Fujistu Amida, will take it from there and def. will send you a copy of all correspondence.

As soon as i step out I will get a Zain sim and send the number to you via sms.

Nice one bro.


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Scammer to scammer! Love it! :ROFLMAO: Eghosa Ahanor should hire a Nigerian scammer to make a fake passport. That one is crap. Oh, wait, Eghosa is a Nigerian scammer. Maybe he needs a new oga.