Beatrice Johnson


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From: Beatrice Johnson <>
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2019
Subject: I need Your Urgent assistance.

I need Your Urgent assistance.

My name is Beatrice Johnson. The only daughter of the late Mr. Madou Johnson. Here in Burkina Faso, i got your profile while searching for contact on internet; I am contacting you to help me receive some amount of money in your country. So that I can travel To America to continue my education over there,

Before my father died he deposited the Sum of ($4.5Million) in a bank here and he advised me before he died to look for a faithful and reliable foreigner, who can help receive the Funds outside country, So that I can travel to meet you in your country. For my share percentage of the total amount 4.5 Million, from your county I will travel to America to continue my education and business.

I hope you are capable to receive the 4.5 Million in your country with trust. I will like to travel to your country immediately the bank wire the funds into your account. You will take 30% of the total 4.5 Million for your good and kind assistance to me. I will send to you the full details concerning the funds immediately I hear from you soon.

My Regards,
Beatrice Johnson.