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Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2018
Subject: GOOD DAY.


I am DHL diplomatic agent from west Africa i sending from united nation also with your inheritance/Compensation fund of ($700,000.00)in ATM Card for (SCAM VITIM) which united nation compensate you, so i want to let you know this i am in your airport with your ATM package and also i have little problem with the custom there, they need clearance certificate from me to signed it before i move which i am not with it, so they told me that the owner of the package will pay sum of $98USD to get the certificate and realized the package.

That is the only thing that hold me in your airport right now so i need to hear from now to know what we can do to realized me out from there again remember to reconfirm your information to me to avid rung delivery.

Mr Ben Douglas.
Diplomatic agent.
+229 33 1010
+1 (818) 273-7481