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hello my friends

gonna need your help, I am looking for new business opportunities to charge prices lower here in Portugal and many other sites I've seen are scammers such as the Bazarlimited of BestPrices still can not draw any questions, please email ukdata to that of all that I asked for this information I was not very early, so if someone can help I would appreciate

One more question if someone has knowledge of good sites would be grateful if you sent me to the mail

thank you very much

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Due diligence.

@jose. We are an anti-fraud site. We do not do due diligence for business's.

Our resources are used to help stop scammers and to assist victims.

There are many companies who would assist you in your business dealings, an internet search would give you some information about these.

Thank you and all the best with your business ventures.


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Go to the embassy/consulate and make enquires. you get the source there.

Sadly there are loads of fraud on the worldwide web.

Real deals are never that cheap as on those fake sites.

There are real costs involved.



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ok I apologize if by chance this was not the best way to post to the forum, but most important was whether the company or Best Price was not reliable, but either way it already does not interest me.

thanks anyway

but now, running the risk of taking an in toto, I ask your help with these two companies.

I would appreciate very much for your help.

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