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From Bethany Fett
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Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2012
From: Bethany Fett <>

Good to have your reply,I am Bethany Fett, from harrisburg Pennsylvania and would have love to come for further face to face inspection at your residence myself, but I am a US Army Reserves working as a flight doctor under the auspices of the aircraft Maintenance here in Rhode Island. I am buying this for my son in Warsaw Poland, as a surprise gift and understand i want you assure me it's in condition described. I will appreciate more pictures if available and will be sending your money asap. My shipper will be available to pick this up as soon as payment is made. Do you have paypal account? because, I have a paypal account that I can easily send money through because, its good for business payments. Get back to me with your paypal email address and name in order for me to have your money sent on time. Confirm sale to me and remove the add from posting.

CDT. Bethany Fett,