BMW offer



I received this email in response to advertising a BMW, anyone else had similar?

Thank you for your reply.
I will like to inform you that am OK with the price and willing to pay for price, Arrangement for the payment and the pick up by my Transporter when Cheque clears in your account,I will be offering you 200euros on the asking price, my account officer will post Order Cheque to your location ,It will take 3 days to book the money in your account. I want you to send the following details:

1, Full name
2, Full Address
3, Last Offer
4, Mobile Number

I will wait for your response as soon as possible.


Staff member
If you're trying to sell a BMW it's a scam. The check will turn out to be a forgery. They will overpay you for the car and ask you to send the balance back to them by Western Union or Money Gram and then the check will bounce.You'll lose money and you'll still have your car.