BOA Bitcoin Fraud/Scam


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[plain[Been scammed by a website and their "agents" who detail themselves to be a part of Bank of America, along with employees (claim to be) who's names can be cross referenced with actual employees that work there. Went as far as getting in touch with the top executive named Paul M Donofrio and his understudy Paul Stone via []. Long story short, they claimed to be selling used/dirty bitcoins for a reduced rate for freshly mined bitcoins. The site is still up and running this scam. They also communicate using a variety of protonmail addressed. The only corporate email I received from Paul Stone was on []. I've reported this to BOA, Action Fraud and other scam websites. So beware of these dangerous people who can easily fool even the smartest of us with their excellent social engineering. I'm currently getting a forensic trace run on all the stolen coins.