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11th December, 2008

Dear Meine Surename M.

Before I proceed, I must first apologize for this unsolicited letter to you. I am aware thar this is certainly not a conventional way of approach to establish a relationship of trust, but you will realize the need for my action. I am Brain Martins, an English lawyer working with Estudio Juridico Fenton with address: Caracas, Madrid 28017 Spain. I am the personal attoney to Mr Johannes MEINE SURENAME, a business mogul who had casinos, restaurants and also an oil merchant, lived in Spain for many years, on the 21 st Of April 2004, my client, his wife and their one child were involved in a car accident along Madrid express-road. All occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost their lives.

Since then I have made several enquiries to locate any ofmy clients extended relatives. tms-has also proved unsuccessful. After these several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to track his last name through your country public record to locate any member of his family hence I contacted you because you have the same last name with my client, with your last name been the same, we can get his diplomatie consignment release by the security company to you. I have contacted you to assist in repatriating the consignment left behind by my late client before it get confiscated or declared unserviceable by the security company where these huge deposits were lodge, valued at about Seven Million, Five Hundred and Twenty Two Thousand United States Dollars (US$7.522M) cash. But he did not disclose the content of deposited diplomatie consignment to the security company, for security reasons. The security has issued me a notice to provide the Next of Kin or have the consignment confiscated.

Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over some years now I seek your consent to present you as the Next ofKin ofthe deceased since you have the same last name. So that the proceeds of this deposits valued at (US$7.522M) can be release to you and Once the diplomatie consignment is released to you, we have to discuss what percentage you have to give me for my involvement. I have to arrange all legal documents that can be used to back up any claim we may make. Mr Johannes was my private client. I will not like you to involve any third party in this transaction, just me and you. Besides I am doing this on my own personal capacity and do not wish to bring my office into it.

All I require is your honest co-operation to enable us seeing this deal through. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach ofthe law. Ifthis proposal does offend your moral values please pardon me otherwise reply via my private Fax No: + 34 912 919 796 Email: [] or you can call me on tel no: +34 658 264 577 for further clarification. Please be kind to get back to me if you are not interested so that I can further my search for another partner.

Best Regards
Brain Martins

I think that this is a fraud.
Greetings from poland :)

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Yes. It absolutely a fraud. Anytime you get an email from someone named "Brain" you know you are dealing with someone who is missing that particular object.


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Hi guys, my dad did receive the same letter. We live in Poland, that mean, the letters have been sended to few countries. And what is the first letter of your surname? Just to check if it's the same.


Hi my father received the same latter. We are from Poland too. Tak dosałem daki sam list i też nie mam pojęcia o co tu chodzi i na czym polega oszustwo. Podejrzewam jednak, że być może chodzi tutaj o jakąś wpłatę własną czy coś takiego. Moje nazwisko rozpoczyna się na literę Z. If someone knows what's going on tell us.

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This is a scam operating from Spain. The 'phone number +34 658 264 577 is a mobile 'phone on a Spanish network. +34 912 919 796 is a land-line number in Madrid.

If this is being sent to email addresses in Poland, with a message in (very poor) English with German overtones, the scammer has got in a nice muddle. It would be good to have a warning in Polish if anyone can manage that.

An email with full headers would be nice as It would allow us to find out more about the criminal, and may give us more about the location the criminal is at.


To scam operacyjnych z Hiszpanii. W 'numer telefonu +34 658 264 577 to telefon komórkowy' telefon na hiszpańskiej sieci. +34 912 919 796 to numer linii gruntów w Madrycie.

Jeśli ta jest wysyłana do adresów w Polsce, wiadomości w (bardzo słabe) angielski z niemieckim zamordowanie, w scammer ma w miły zamęt. Byłoby dobrze mieć ostrzeżenie w języku polskim, jeśli ktoś może zarządzać tym.

E-mail z pełną nagłÃ³wki byłoby miło, gdyż pozwalają nam dowiedzieć się więcej na temat spraw karnych, a może dać nam więcej informacji na temat lokalizacji karnego jest.



I live in Hungary and we also got a copy. Unfortunately, I was made to reply by my parents (they seriously believed what the guy was saying -_- ) but we didn't give out any confidential information in the reply, and before the guy answered we found this forum by searching 'Estudio Juridico Fenton' on Google and we realised the fraud. And listen to this, it's a total joke; he replied:

Dear <my name>

Thanks for your interest and readiness to assist me in this good venture which will be of great to us.

This deposit is in the name of my late client who died along with his family and I have made all efforts to reach any of his family members without making any success, all through my dealing with him is purely on business levels hence we did not go further to know much about our families.
My contacting you is based on the fact that you have the same name with him, thus you can stand as the next of kin for his estate, this can only be achieved through the process of applying for the change of ownership and transfer of WILL to the family member of the deceased which you are going to stand in to enable the probate registry to issue a letter of administration and legal right to claim the funds deposit with the security company here in Spain.

In a transaction like this, do understand that it cannot be achieved without the involvement of finances to facilitate the processes of obtaining the legal documents and paying for stamp duty and notarization of the legal documents which will be issued in your name, therefore be prepared to assist in the financing of the processes so that we can get the legal approval which will guarantee the release of the deposit. The cost will be made known to you when I will submit the application at the ministry.

As soon as the legal documents is been approved and issued in your name, you will be required to come to Spain to meet with the security company and to officially sign off the release documents and the deposit will be released.
In other to start the application the following information will be required from you.


As soon as I receive the above stated information I will make an application to the probate registry and get the costing fees from them.
The success and progress of this transaction depends on our hands based on the needs for us to be in contact communication and to ensure that the confidential nature of this which this transaction deserved should be maintained to ensure success.
I wait for your reply
Yours faithfully
Barrister Brain Martins

--- On Sun, 12/21/08, ----------------------------- wrote:

From: ------------------------------------
Subject: Letter - Hungary
Date: Sunday, December 21, 2008,

Dear Sir!

I am writing for you in the name of xxxxxxxxxxx. I am his relative and he
notified me that he has received your letter about yyyyyyyyyyyyyy and he
would like to contact you. We hope that you will get this e-mail and that the given e-mail address exists. Please answer as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully, zzzzzzzzzzz.


Ok... So here is the thing:

English: The first letter of my last name is T and i got identical letter few days ago. As i read through this thread, it is quite obvious to me that none of this is true, so i think we may say oficially that this is one big fake and DO NOT reply to this mail. It is best to ignore it.

Polish: Moje nazwisko zaczyna się na literę T i również dostałem niemal identyczny list kilka dni temu. Z tego wątku na forum wynika że jest to jedno wielkie oszustwo, zatem NIE ODPOWIADAJCIE na ten list. Najlepiej jest go po prostu zignorować.


Another fraud letter

Hello everyone. I am another person, that received such letter. Obviously, I do believe this is a fake, however initially, before finding this thread, I associated this letter with a situation that happened to me during my last summer holidays in Spain. Basically, I was robbed in Valencia and some personal belongings as well as documents including my personal data were stolen. Hence it was quite obvious to me how they got my address.
What convinced me even more, was the fact that the letter was sent from Valencia, although 'Mr Brain Martins' declares himself to be from Madrid, (or at least Estudio Juridico Fenton is to be located there).
Now, when I found this forum, I am quite confused. It shows that there are so many people that received this letter during very last period of time that it seems to me almost impossible that every of us was robbed in Valencia. I am wondering how this person had my personal data, as I do not believe in 'country public record' which he writes about. My surename starts with L, I live in southern Poland, run a proffessional activity.
I strongly believe that it is extremely important to find out how 'Mr Brain Martins' got to know our data, to learn for the future and cut such people off sources that could possibly provide them such information. Hence I have got a question: have any of you been recently in Spain?

Witam wszystkich. Jestem kolejną osobą, która otrzymała taki list. Oczywiście uważam to za próbę naciągactwa, jednakże początkowo, zanim znalazłem ten wątek, łączyłem ten list z wydarzeniem, które miało miejsce w czasie moich ostatnich wakacji, które spędziłem w Hiszpanii. Najogólniej mówiąc okradziono mnie w Walencji. Między innymi skradziono mi dokumenty zawierające moje dane osobowe. Stąd było to dla mnie oczywiste, w jaki sposób naciągacze zdobyli moj adres. Tym mocniej utwiedzał mnie w moim przekonaniu fakt, iż list został wysłany z Walencji, choć 'pan Brain Martins' jak wynika z listu ma pochodzić z Madrytu (a przynajmniej biuro Estudio Juridico Fenton ma być w Madrycie).
Teraz, gdy odnalazłem to forum jestem w kropce. Pokazało mi ono, jak wiele osób otrzymało taki list przez ostatni okres czasu i dlatego jest mało prawdopodobne, że każdy z nas został okradziony w Walencji. Zastanawiam się, w jaki sposób ten niewątpliwy oszust miał moje dane osobowe, jako że nie wierzę w 'country public record' o którym pisze. Moje nazwisko zaczyna się na L, mieszkam w południowej Polsce i prowadze działalność gospodarczą.
Jestem przekonany, że bardzo ważnym jest dowiedzenie się w jaki sposób 'pan Brain Martin' dostał nasze dane, aby ucząc się na błędach, na przyszłość o ile to możliwe odciąć takich ludzi od źródeł naszych danych osobowych. Mam w związku z tym pytanie: czy ktoś z Państwa był ostatnio w Hiszpanii?


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Hello. No one has probably been in Spain. Your email address is just on a scammer's email list. Scammers collect emails from the internet. It is possible that they have a country specific list which might explain why many people in Poland get this same email.

If we need more here in Polish let me know and we'll have someone do some more Polish.

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Welcome costelo. :)

If we need more here in Polish let me know and we'll have someone do some more Polish.
What she means is, she will have me build a Polish language forum so if anyone would like to help volunteer to do that, I will appreciate it.



Actually, my uncle got the letter in written form into his letterbox. Neither he has a computer, nor an e-mail address. It had a spanish postmark on it which was paid in euros. There was no extra information about the sender on the envelope.


POLAND - same situation


Nazwisko z Polski na literę D. Ta sama sytuacja, ten sam list.

Surname from Poland starts from D. The same situation, the same letter.


Just to clarify something...

Maybe it wasn't obvious from my post, but I also received a letter by snailmail. That is how I worked out that the letter is from Valencia (and not from Madrid) - it simply had a stamp from Valencia... And that's what worries me: I would not care that much if it was an e-mail, but it was sent to my home address using correct polish address arrangement. One can work out someone's e-mail address using facebook, nasza-klasa or any other portal. On the contrary, when I share my personal data such as my home address, I rather think twice before I do so.

Być może to nie wynikało z mojego listu, ale ja również dostałem list pocztą (nie elektroniczną). W ten właśnie sposób wywnioskowałem, że list jest z Walencji (a nie z Madrytu) - po prostu miał stempel poczty z Walencji... I ten fakt mnie właśnie martwi: nie przejmowałbym się tak, gdybym dostał taki list elektronicznie. List jednak został wysłany na mój adres domowy z użyciem poprawnego układu adresu. Adres mailowy można znaleźć za pomocą facebooka, czy naszej klasy lub jakiegokolwiek innego portalu, zaś w przypadku takich danych osobowych jak adres domowy raczej dbam o to, żeby osoby niepowołane nie miały do niego dostępu.


Ludzie nie dajcie sie nabierać, dostałem identyczny list, poprawnie zaadresowany na moją firmę. jak ktoś siedzi trochę głębiej w temacie to wie że nie ma czegoś takiego jak ochrona danych w internecie. każdego idzie namierzyć i nieważne czy chodzi o adres domowy czy firmy.
PS. moje nazwisko zaczyna się na K a list dostałem na początku grudnia.

People please don't reply on it, it's a fake. I've recieved the same letter, correctly adressed to my company. if one knows little more about the internet, knows also that there's no personal data protection. Anybody can be found and it don't matter if it is a home or company adress.
PS. K is my first name's letter and i reciever the letter at the begining of december.


Brian Martins

I also recived a letter from Spain from Brian Martins, we even wrote some e-mails but when he did not want to send me scans of his dokuments i realized something is wrong, finaly i found this site. Brian even called me few times because i was to suspicious. He talks about trust but doe's not give anythink too trust. I've got a letter and e-mails if somebody wants to read it to make sure this guy is a thief. if some one from the spanish police want to see this please write to me [edit: removed]
i also speak spanish, german and a little bit duch and portugese.
R. from Poland