Brig. Gen. (Dr.) Robert "Lance" Chu

Hua Mulan

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Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2018
Subject: Please Reply Me Now. (URGENT).

Dear Sir/Madam

How are you today?

I am Rtd Brigadier General. (Dr.) Robert "Lance" Chu., I was born and brought up in Hong Kong but migrated to US when I was very little with my Late Parents.

I was the Assistant Surgeon General for Healthcare Operations at Bolling Air Force Base, Wash. D.C., USA before I retired December 06, 2008.

You can go through this and confirm my profile

I have a business deal with you. I have some funds deposited in a private bank in UK. I want you to help me secure that money because i am very sick and i don't know when i will die. I have a Cancer and i have few weeks to live. I have attached a copy of deposit Certificate to prove the money was deposited on Jan/23rd/2018.

I will be waiting for your response.

Brig. Gen. (Dr.) Robert "Lance" Chu.