British surrogacy from Cameroon


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I met Pennelope Grisham ( in a surrogate mother search website. She was presenting as a British single girl, 22 years old, mother of one child (Brandon, less than 2 years), working in a human organisation in Cameroon, as volonteer. She was ready to be a surrogate mother. This is the only way for her to get money allowing her to come back to Europe and start a new life.

We have exchanged names, birth dates and a lot of emails about the Process. I've never identified any strange points.

She asked me to pay for vaccines and the flight from Douala to Paris. That's what I did.

The day of the travel, she called me and told me that the passport of the child is not up-to-date, and she should go back to Yaounde, to the British embassy and ask for an express passport, but she needed some money. via Western Union, I sent a second transfer to someone in Cameroon called : MOKON (first name) ROLAND AYUM (introduced as a friend)

Penny put me in contact with someone presenting as a member of the UK embassy and advise me to buy the ticket from the Cameroon, because the air companies are not accepting easily the e-tickets because of a big fraude activity. I sent a third money transfer with the price of the ticket.

The day of the travel, I received a call from someone called Selabi Usmind. He introduced himself as a member of the British council in Cameroon. He announced me that Penny is in the Hospital, and he sent me an email later, asking for money :

"Just from the hospital and have discussed with the doctor. She hit her head in the accident and have double fractures in the arm and leg (though not major fractures). She has not fully gained consciousness at the moment and the doctor requires that she be left alone till tomorrow.
What is required from you right now is that the director of the hospital is requesting that you deposit 2000euros to cover expenses for her in intensive care and also minor surgeries for the injuries. If that can be handled immediately, they can proceed with some of the surgeries today evening. Do write back so we know how to proceed.
Selabi Usmind
British High Commission
Avenue Winston Churchill
BP 547
tel: +237 79 17 48 48"

I saw the name of Selabi Usmind in an another matter in your site.

I called the UK embassy in Yaounde. They don't know Mr Usmind. He's continue calling me every hour to see when I'll send the money. He is using many phone numbers : +23795020944, +23794622465, +23779174848 and +237 77 74 47 47

Hope that my bad experience helps other people not to live the same tricky situation.

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I don't want to sound rude or uncaring but just stop sending money. None of this situation is going to get any better and you will just lose more money.


I too don't want to sound uncaring but there are many ways to go about adoption but sadly pursuing the above babycrowd forum post was not one of them.
To use the internet one must be aware of how scammers operate ,money sent by Western Union is untraceable hence scammers use it.

Note the domain names of government bodies
Emails arriving saying they are UK government agencies would not use a free email account like yahoo or