Cameroon Scam


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My name is Kassandra and today I was almost victimized by fraud from Cameroon in Africa. I live in Canada... I was looking for a puppy to welcome to my home and someone contacted me saying they had the perfect puppy for me. They said it was CKC registered and had a garunteed year medical covery, and they could deliver it to my home. I was very happy. There email asked questions about me, when I answered they said they were in Oshawa not too far from me and could deliver the puppy.

I first started to question how legit it was when their emails, had very obvious speech errors. I thought maybe they were just not english. After they said they'd deliver it to me after I make a payment of 300$ to them. They had a delivery company email me. I thought it was weird when I missed a call from them or didnt call them right away, the person who said they had the dog would contact me just seconds later, like it was the same person.

They wanted me to pay them through Western Union to an address in Cameroon. I gave them the bennifit of the doubt and made the payment. I then called and it said "the magic jack phone has been disconnected" I started freaking out and emailing them and then they called me and said they needed pictures of the reciepts. I contacted Western Union right away and was able to get my money back and I reported them as Fraud.
After that I googled scams that have been happening and turns out this happens often from the same place!

The emails people posted and they said they received from them were pretty much identical to the ones I've recieved. Even the same format. They write a introduction making it more personal instead of formal calling the animals their babys and calling you dear and at the end have five or six questions to answer. The questions are very similar. Like Do you have children? do you have any other pets? Are you planning on Breeding?

If you are looking to buy a pet or any other merchandise pay very close attention to the place you are sending the money to. Cameroon is a known place for scams, but I encourage you do not send any money to an unknown place. These people are criminals and have victimized many innocent people. It is an ongoing issue! Please help me notify as many people as possible!!!!
THIS IS SERIOUS! many people are getting tricked by this. They are very good at decieving people.