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Subject: Your Approved Payment !!
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2018

Attn: Beneficiary.

This mail serves to inform you that we have finally concluded arrangements towards your lottery payment which was on hold in Our Bank for Long Period Due to Lack of Cooperation and Dealings with Wrong Officials of the Bank.

Right now the Ministry of Finance Bank of England HSBC Bank Plc and United Kingdom Inland Revenue gathered some meeting concerning how winning fund prize will be released into your designated bank account in your country without further delay since we’re in the Ending of the year 2018 and it’s now due to be released as the said funds belongs to you.

We apologize for the delay of your payment and all the inconveniences that we might have caused you during this period. However we have made Contact with the Reserve Bank of South Africa to handle the Final Release of Fund into your account since you cannot meet up in settling all the charges requested for the release of fund into your account as the beneficiary.

The Bank of England Director (Mr. Spencer Dale) have give serious warning and Instructions and ordered to the Inland Revenue Services Department England to quickly released all the on hold funds which is in their escrow account custody to the sole beneficiary’s which you are among those who will receive their Inheritance

To Claim your fund you need to Contact Assistant Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of South Africa Dr. Daniel Mminele as the Reserve Bank Does not Deal with Individual but Banks So you are Advice to Contact Dr. Daniel Mminele on his email Address: with your Details and Cooperate with him to Guide you on how to Obtain a Clearance form the Immediate Release of your fund into your Account. As soon as you have contacted him tell him to help you to obtain the Clearance Certificate which is the only document you are required to provide.

You Are Requested to Provide below Details to Dr. Daniel Mminele while contacting him
Full Name....... Tel.................
Address......... Amount..............
City............ Country.............

A Copy of your ID or any of your identification.

You’re truly
Mr. Cargill John
Manager Foreign Remittance Department HSBC Bank London[;plain]


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