Celine, life's a bitch

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Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2011)
From: celine <cousto007@yahoo.fr>
Subject: Re: hello

First of all I want to apologize to bother you this way Because I Did not warn goal now I'm in a big mess and I really need your help Quickly discreetly stp.I am so sorry to ask you about you aim i have no choice.

I am now in Ivory Coast in Abidjan to Particular. I cam here to Meet Known on the web people to address An urgent matter and is Important for Some jours.Il think I got bitten all my stuff (cash, ID, credit card) by thugs. So II have more liquidity and lost all my contacts. So Can I correspond by mail.

The problem in this story I made ​​Is That Accompanied by Jennifer, a staff member Who has Received calls knife in the abdomen Because HAVING Tried resist.Sa of life is Compromised and That by my faute.Les doctors here refuse to Provide HIM When history with care days are numbered. I am in shock and Words fail me! As for me, I got a stick in His left arm goal I try to do with!

So I am your help Asking for a loan (money) to the tune of € 2250 or What You Will Be Able to resolve Hospitalization and return to hotel and Urgency. I count you as soon as I repaid return, I promise. Please let me know if you are Willing to help me. I count on your understanding. Bears a good time. Thank you


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It was probably written in mid 12th century Provençal and then translated into English. :rolleyes: