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Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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I have an important project to discuss with you. Reply back for more details
Thanks Celine
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Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2018
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My Dear
Thank you for your response to my message. I really need your help to secure my funds which my late husband left for me before his untimely death. I and my children are hiding somewhere because of the troubles given to us by my late husband's family.

The money is deposited in a bank here in Ivory Coast. I will send you more details of the funds as soon as i receive your response
God bless you for accepting to help us


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Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2018
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Subject: sorry if i approached you wrongly, My name is Celine Miguel from Sierra Leone. l am 30 years old. l really need your assistance. My husband died two years ago and the family members want to kill me and my children and seat on the inheritance he left for us in the bank, l am now in a hiding place with my kids and the documents of inheritance is with us. Please help us to have this fund transferred to your country and we will fly to join you. Reply me for more details concerning this matter i have all the vital document ment for this deposit
To: "celine.miguel32@gmail.com" <celine.miguel32@gmail.com>

i will be waiting for your reply very urgent
Celine Miguel

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Subject: More details about me

Thanks once again for your response , Please i want us to build trust on each other so that everything will work successfully and i believe we will help each other in future , I want you to help me and my children to claims this funds as my late husband business foreign partner because i can't be able to travel now due to my present situation which i explained to you. Then when you received the money you will help me to invest the money in any good investment in your country that will benefit both families in the future .

however, i need your details is well , so that i will submit your details to the bank as my late husband business partner/beneficiary of the fund in question, once again i really appreciate your concern towards this noble inheritance from my late husband may his soul rest in peace. please i will like to have your photo or id card so that i will know whom am dealing with. also ant to informed you that you are dealing with the right person at the right time i am here with my two kids we really needs your total support.

I have read and and understand your point of view in this situation is mine, i really appreciate your kind efforts and step you are taking to make sure me and my kids is in a good condition, honestly i will like you to know that before i contacted you for this kind of project that i prayed and fasted that God almighty that i will like to have someone to assist us that the person will be God fearing person also i saw your profile i became interested in you and i decided to email you with shot note telling you to get back to me for more details regarding my situation. please i need you to keep this transaction so confidential for security reason, also i dont want external body you can come to where this fund is to conclude the matter with the bank yourself.

my late husband was into cocoa business in Abidjan before he died and his family members wants all his assert , to God be the glory he handle this documents into my hand before he died and ask my to keep it very well.Since the death of my husband all my entire family account also my late husband brothers succeeded in collecting all our properties from me that is under my control and they are still looking for more. i `m in hiding place for now and i cannot make call because it`s only you and me knows about this money even his family member did not no about it i and my late husband kept it secret to them for security reason .

I want you to stand as my late husband foreign partner in other to claim the money from the bank for me and my children it`s 100% risk free , Right now i can`t do nothing because i don`t have any cash with me so please try to understand i know we have never meet before i promise you never regret any assistance you give to me and my kids,

This money is deposited in the bank that back the deposit which i' have i will send you all copies of all the documents as i promise as soon as we build trust on each other , where i am now i can not make any calls please try and understand my explanation towards this issue as i really needs your kind help i have attached my photo and my kids

i want you to read this message carefully with understanding and response to me quick so that in the next one week the bank will start the transfer processing direct to your account that is very important and i will come over to meet you for our investment plans meeting and also give you the 20% of the total sum for your kind help as soon as you promise to keep this transaction confidential between two of us for security reasons because this money is my only hope try to understand me, also you are not going to involve any third parties, Therefore I am contacting you to help me secure this found

My condition here with my kids is not favorable no good food and prepare medication, here is the vital document including my photo and my kids
I will be waiting to hear from you soon