Cell phone scam


Text message to cell phone from <ksbrna121@gmail.com>
Jan 12, 2012 9.34 AM

I'm Karl. Pls Contact me asap regarding a possible late relative's inheritance

Reply: More info please

Kark responded immediately:

Can't talk much via sms.Pls email:

<sbrana@blumail.org> for more info


From 301-731-3432, Verizon120.com

Phone call from the number 301 731-3432 at the screem you can read: from Aurora Colorado USA. Google says this number is redirected from the City of Lanham, Maryland. USA

The man says that your number has been selected to receive $ 120.00 less on your next cell phone bill. They say to claim your prize go to <verizon120.com> When you go to that website they ask for your personal information.

The Verizon phone company confirmed that these kind of phone calls are Scam, please you do not give them any personal information and report them to the phone company.



Unsolicited text message from an Unknown sender on my mobile phone ... Last Ounce of Courage) Do you believe in religious freedom - see this film [ht tp:/ /go o.gl.jn oj7] ..

Received from: [cou17r17age@lastou240nce.com]

Somebody said this
This guy is Kevin McAfee, and he is sending mass spam to promote his movie, I Spammed his facebook pages. bsolo
2012-09-08 23:55:3

and other: http://sync.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=1315974



I got this message from phone #1 402 657-1610

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