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Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2017

My Dearest

You will have this smiling at you as you step out of bed just like I promised. Yes I know I'm am late with this but for a good reason. I almost wanted to dial your number when I saw your email, I really didn't expect you to be awake. I'm sorry I got late with my email. After hearing your voice, I went to bed and slept for a while, I wanted to wake up after midnight to make some calls overseas before writing you at such calm hours. I'm sorry my email wasn't there when you got up, forgive me love. I got up and made some oversea calls, I had to do a follow up with my work materials been shipped from Japan. Night time here is about the best time I get to call my supply companies in Japan due to the time difference, Asia is like 12 to 15hrs ahead of us.

Let me educate you a bit more about my Job, I am an Independent Licensed Rail Engineer by profession in the railway field and I am sole Contractor. As a Rail Engineer, we design, construct and operate of all types of railway systems. We generally deal with Building carriages and rail tracks, fitting out new rail tracks with control panels and communication systems, Inspecting bodywork, roofs and under-carriages for wear and tear or damage, carrying out regular maintenance checks on train systems such as brakes and couplings, testing mechanical, electrical and pneumatic systems, Writing reports and updating maintenance records. We also inspect, repair and maintain these railway tracks, bridges, tunnels and viaducts to help keep the trains running smoothly and safely. In Railway engineering, Its single purpose is to provide transport for people and freight that is safe, effective and affordable.

Some challenges faced with our job are maintenance, renewal and improving outdated components in railway system, but the greatest challenge is optimizing the different systems. For example, a higher performing train may be heavier and use more power, which will result in different stresses being placed on the rails and therefore the way trains and track interact affects both systems.

It is a field/site work, I had my second License in 2004, now I work only on contract and I have done several projects across the States locally and overseas. We apply and bid for new projects and when awarded the project, we get to work with a team of other workers. I will tell you more as time goes by, this is just a tip of the ice. As you know, It has been busy for me lately and this is due to a Project am commencing soon which I have been wanting to tell you about. I'm sorry I haven't gone into details about it, I had mixed feelings and didn't know how to explain it because we just met, I guess I was more concerned about its effect on us and this Journey, as this journey with you is such a priority to me right now.

I was awarded an oversea project 3 months ago. It is a project for the maintenance of railway track in the Philippines. I applied for this project about a year and half ago and was awarded the project 3 months ago , it takes a lot of time because they have to do all checks on you and your license just to make sure they are dealing with a competent Contractor as I am a sole contractor. most companies go for Sole contractors now because they are cheaper and they do better job. The project is under a state owned railway company in the Philippines called The Philippine National Railways. It is a government controlled corporation. One of my main aim of this project is to get another Oversea project certification which I need in getting my final approval for establishing my private railway engineering firm which is part of my retirement plans. This is a prerequisite for final approval from the board of Railway Engineering in the United States. I have been working towards this for close to 5 yrs now , so glad am almost there. I was going to share this with you earlier but didn't know what your take would be. I usually do not go this far for projects but this was one great opportunity for me and I had to grab it, It is also my last out of State and Oversea project too. I don't want this to hinder our relationship, I am getting fully committed to this journey and I want us to keep the communication alive even while am gone for my Project. Remember the World is now a global village, we have the cell phones and internet and many other communication technology. We can always connect at any time and I believe this would give us enough time to learn a whole lot more about ourselves as we go down this path of life.

I will be leaving for Phoenix on Monday morning for a presentation, the Presentation is Schedule for Tuesday the 13th and I get to leave for Manila (Philippines) from Phoenix on Wednesday night. Pray all goes well for me, I will be gone for 5 weeks but time flies so no worries. It would be nice to share about my day with you at the end of every working day, I really don't want anything to come in between or jeopardize this. Remember the quote "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". I want to be able to fill you in with every activities each working day while am over there and then look forward to returning back to you at the end of the Project. I do believe that if we can keep the lines of communication open we can have this five weeks go very quickly. It would have been great meeting before my departure, I have been thinking about this and still thinking about it. It is just a little tight for me as I will be taking care of some things before I leave town. You know I would like to get a hug and a big kiss from you before I get to leave, I just can't get that off my mind but then again, everything happens for a reason.

Everything feels so comfortable and natural with you and I love that, I feel like I have known you for a while. what I seek is someone who can hold me up when I'm down, someone to rub my shoulders when I'm tired, someone to laugh at my silliness, someone to hear me out when I have a problem, and I'll do the same for that Person. I am interested in who you are, your personality. I am a one woman man and I would describe myself as old fashioned when it comes to love and I believe when you find love it should not be taken for granted. It's hard for me to identify what it is about you that attract me so much. I suppose it might be the combination of your charming personality. Whatever it is, I can sense its presence. You could call it chemistry or better yet the possibility that we are on the same wavelength, You have my whole interest Phyllis.

I am a very honest, God fearing, trustworthy and caring man who has been burned many times because of my generosity and good heart. I adore simple things in life, I have always loved taking care of people and things around me. I am very giving and sometimes people take advantage of that. While I was growing up, My mom used to tease me about bringing home every animal I found and making them "well" if they were sick and then she would just chuckle and shake her head. As I grew older, she used to tell me "Kid, you can't change the world." I would respond telling her "Yes I can, Mom, one person at a time." I'm self confident yet not conceited. I trust everyone at their word until they prove me wrong. I always look at life as the cup being half full, rather than being half empty. I am happy, content and at peace with my life and I see everyday as a plus.

I am very creative with time, I would like to make every minute I share with my partner count to the fullest. I like time spent with special people. In the end, those you love and who loves you are what is important. I really don't dwell on the past except for what was learned, and now only have the curiosity for the future and what it holds. I try to find lessons in every situation. situations of joy, pain, sorrow, love etc. have made me grow emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I am dedicated and committed when it comes to a romantic relationship, I want to be in a relationship where she brings out the best in me and I in her. I would rather be hurt with the truth, than a lie. I want a woman to see me as her equal.

Well, we all have the other sides too . I am somewhat impatient in certain instance. I can get way over excited when expecting a package. As soon as that package arrives, I open it right away. I have been mocked several times for this but it is still who I am till date. I am a worrier too. I am someone who would get out of bed in the middle of the night and come help you with a flat tire or anything.

Have I mentioned that I have many different type of smiles? There's a food smile, a guilty smile, a loving passionate smile, a cooking smile. I have been told that my energy is infectious and addicting and that I am full of passion. I just find so much to be happy about and sometimes it's the littlest of things. I love surprises, I love giving presents and giving surprises. Actually I just like giving. I am looking for a woman that knows who she is. I've learned that communication is a key to a relationship so she must be able to talk and not hold things in until they blow up. I do not want someone who I will control. Everyone is entitled to their emotions and feelings. I want to be loved fully & obsessively, passionately and forever, I want to feel appreciated and totally accepted for exactly who I am. Kisses shouldn't get boring nor be a routine, I am a big cuddler (so you know).

I am high maintenance when it comes to affection and romance. I want those things which money cannot buy. respect, love, honesty, generosity, communication, chemistry, passion, humility and tolerance to name a few. I am looking for my best friend, my lover, my soul mate.

What are your deal breakers in a relationship? Do you have any one cause in the world, be it political, humanitarian, environmental that really speaks for you? What is your greatest fear? What is your favorite movie that you have recently seen and why? How about books? I am also curious about who your best friend is now. You know I am really glad that our first communication was not our last because I feel very special when I write you. I truly want to give this a chance to grow.

I'm going to end here for now. I'm enjoying this journey I must admit, I am giving this a try with all of my heart. At this point of my life, meeting a wonderful and God fearing woman that I can grow old and spend the later years of life with is the topmost of my bucket list.

I am sending you good morning hugs, I hope you enjoy your Friday and don't you forget you are locked in my thoughts. I think I will get a little more sleep.

With affection,

De Master Yoda

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