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South Africa, Johannesburg, Neotel Pty Ltd

Return-Path: <>
From: Charles Williams <>
Subject: Attention: Reconfirm Your Details Info
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2017

Western Union Money Transfer
USPS Post Office Agent Location


Greetings from Western Unionョ Money Transfer Agent Location, USPS Post Office USA. We acknowledge the receipt of your email and in regard to the fund deposited here by THE TREASURER OF THE UNITED STATES to transfer $250,000,00 dollars to you and also to let you know that this is not a scam, this is very true and legit.

For security reasons and to safe guard your fund, proper verification must be carried out before the fund is transferred. We are deeply sorry for the misfortune which you entered by those fraudsters, but we do not disclose our identity to no one,we work on protocols as to make sure that all funds are transferred to those on default.

We require the details below to compare with the details submitted to us by the depositor The United States Department of the Treasury Mr Alfred Riwanne, to enable us transfer your fund to you without misappropriation, after funds is transferred you can pick-up the fund at any Western Unionョ Agent locations in your State or Province.

Please fill out the following form in the correct order.

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As soon as these details are received and verified as a true and accurate copy, your fund will be transferred. If you have questions or need assistance ask me, I am here to help you..Please disregard any email that does not bear your Reference Number WU/MG/04/08/USA/0991 . Always include this reference code in any email sent to us.

Best Regards,
Charles Williams


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South Africa, Stellenbosch, Cell C (pty) Ltd

Return-Path: <>
From: Charles Williams <>
Subject: Greetings: .( Contact The Courier Director Now )


I have just received your email now and i have contact the courier company director on your behalf with your details information and he insist that you need to send him an email with your details info confirmation also with your Method / Option Of Delivery Including Your Reference Number WU/MG/04/08/USA/0991 so there wont be any mistake in delivery.

Below is the Courier Company Controller Director contact info so send him an email now with your details info and he will send you the information with which you are to use in sending him the Money for delivery Via money gram to them in Brooklyn New him now via email be inform that as soon as you send the money your parcel will be with you and you have to be at home to receive your Parcel,you are also to specify your choice of delivery and also method which you prefer.

Courier Director Name : Mr Scott Smith.
Email Contact :

Please keep me posted as soon as you send him an email now so i can document things for documentation purposes and to avoid any further delays of your PARCEL to your door step.i already sent him you information , all you need to do is for you to let him know that AGENT CHARLES WILLIAMS gave you his contact information regarding the delivery of your ATM CARD and he should send you the info on how you to send the money for delivery via MONEY GRAM now.

Await your swift reply now.

Thank You and GOD bless you and your family.

Truly Yours.
Mr Charles Williams....


I don't have money again because I now that I pay a delivery fees. Thanks God bless.

Sapphire's Strike

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@ phillis - You are replying to a scammer. Have you sent this scammer some money? Please cease all contact with these people immediately, you will not receive any money from them, they only take YOUR money, they are thieves, criminals.

Kathy Dixon

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Charles Williams and Scott Smith why are you scamming people..why don't you get a real job and leave hard working people alone .... you really make me sick to my stomach.. your trash and scumbags of the earth your lower than email shit and that's very low scumbags you are...I hope you get caught and go to prison were you both belong and a few more scammers and scumbags...go to hell because that's really where your going..... for hurting God's children.....