Chen Kim, on Craigslist



All the Roommate Scam Emails I've recieved in one day on CL...

From Chen Kim:

How are you over there hope all is fine with you..Well my name is Chen Kim.. i will be coming from China for a research program in the state and i will need either ROOM/APT/HOUSE to stay when i get there..I will want you to get back to me if the place you advertised is vacant and also please get back to me with the details concerning the room..So that we can further our discussion concerning the place..Hope to hear from you back..Thank you and have a wonderful day...


I just had the same thing happen to me. The name was Kim Chen and the dad Mike Williams. The return address for the check was
Shehnaz Ali
32 Grant Pl
Glen Cove, NY 11542

and I was supposed to send the money to
Jennifer McFarlane-West
445 Shore Parkway
Brooklyn New York 11214.

It's a scam!


Kim Chenn

I have a 23 year old Chinese girl Named Kim chenn who needs a place and is coming over to the states. She has her "step father" communicating with me as wll attempting to rent my home listed on craigs list. her email is [] his is []. I think that they are both scammers as they give me the run around on when she is coming, when they will meet with me, etc

Hendry Holdings Group LLC

assume its a scam

I've received the same reply for my rentals.......Kim Chen and Mike Williams....I assume its a scam! Two years ago there was similar crap coming from Great Britain. I emailed them an application form to fill if I can get them to give me their personal info. Over seas scams are on going. Don't give them any personal information they wanted ie. name, address, PO. Fill your rental with locals its way easier ultimately!!