Cheung Guang

Hua Mulan

Staff member
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Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2019
From: John frank <>
Subject: Investment partnership proposal.

I am contacting you because we am seeking for a professional with whom we can be involved in partnership overseas, who also has the ability to manage an investment portfolio in your country. I am representing a group of prospective investors from China.

The proposed investment profile will be large in volume and scale, but because of the restrictive employment regulations in China, I cannot do this while under state employment, hence this proposal.

My primary preference is for someone from your country with your professional background, hence this proposal to you. I like to know if you are disposed to that kind of engagement, so that we may open further conversation along that line and provide you additional details.

The civil service and employment regulations here prohibit me from getting involved in private oversea business, while under government or corporate employment, hence this proposal to you, in view of your impressive profile.

If you indicate interest, I can send you my ID'S, so you can have a better knowledge of who you are dealing with, and I can communicate further details of the proposal to you. Reply me via this Email Address:

I look forward to your response if this appeals to you.

Cheung Guang