Chicks Man, Cameroon scammer


Well, well, I don't think this thread could have been complete without the exposure of a Scammeroonian "living the dream" in the US, studying in a Connecticut University and all this, financed by his victims. Unfortunately, we have not yet locked an official ID on this one, but what we have in pictures will largely make up for it. Welcome to scammer hell Cameroon scammer Chicks Man!

Let's start with a quick look at his Facebook profile here;!/profile.php?id=100000732111832&v=info&ref=notif
Chicks Man
About Me
Basic Info
Sex: Male
Birthday: June 17, 1984
Interested In: Women
Looking For: Friendship
A Relationship
Current City: Bridgeport, Connecticut
Hometown: Kumba, Cameroon
Bio i don't know ohh,still trying to find out.will let you know shortly.
Work and Education
* University of Bridgeport '09
High School
* ccas kumba '02
Contact Information
Contact Info
Address: Bridgeport, CT
So that you know that deleting the profile is useless;

Cameroon scammer Chicks Man​

He's a typical Cameroon scammer, alternating between the pets that don't exist and vegetable oil that doesn't exist either;
Contact Details
Estate Agent: akwo Global oil Exporters
Branch: kumba-Cameroon
Estate Agents Reference: palm oil world
Telephone (Day) +23777479361
Telephone (Evening) +23777479361
Website: http://
Contact Notes: we akwo global oil exporters have available in stock CPO,RBD,PALM OIL OLEIN,REFINED PALM OIL,SOY BEANS OIL,SUN FLOWER OIL for sale,interested person can contact for more information. email;
Here's a fraud alert issued by the U.S. Embassy in Cameroon regarding these scams:
Another recently recorded scam involves individuals claiming to possess large quantities of vegetable oils (soybean, cotton, or palm) to supply raw materials for the biofuels industry. The scammer usually sends out a sales agreement asking the victim to sign and provide bank details, including an irrevocable LC (Letter of Credit). He will also claim to possess samples ready to be shipped to the victim, a well-calculated ploy to encourage the victim to start sending money, usually in small amounts but gradually increasing. In fact, Cameroon does not possess export production capacity for any such products. Local production is insufficient to meet domestic demand and the international market price for these vegetable oils is far lower than the domestic market prices – hence there is no economic incentive to export. In most business scams, transactions are requested to be carried out via Western Union or Moneygram rather than through reputable banks.
added date Added: 09.10.2008 viewed Offer viewed: 341 (hits)
Member Information
Sold by: Esame Mukete
Phone: +23777479361
Your address: BP 201
Company name: Glocal Oil Exporters
Location: South Africa
Type of offer: Offer_to_sell
Free Classified Ads Sacramento
TEL +23777479361
Company Name : ikiliwindi cocoa co-orperative
Legal Representative/Business Owner : peter akum
Company Address : P. O. Box 201 Meme Division Kumba
Zip :
Number of Employees : Choose Not to Disclose Pepole
Industry : Agriculture
Main direction : Sale & Buy
Sales :
Cocao Beans Cocoa, Cocao Beans
# ikiliwindi cocoa co-orperative
# Main Contact Person : peter akum
# Company Phone : 237-774-79361
# Mobile Phone : 237-774-79361
# Company Fax :
# Company Address : P. O. Box 201 Meme Division Kumba
# Postal Code : 237
taunton, MA 26007
Glocal Oil exporters is one of the biggest manufacturers of biodiessel oil in Cameroon in particular and africa in general,we have been in existance since 1971 and we have producing both refined and crude palm oil,sunflower oil,soy beans oil,jatropher oil,rape seed oil,corn oil and canola oil.we can supply to any interested buyer and can do shipment worldwide

interested buyers can contact glocaloil_exporters@yahoo,com for more information.
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Member Information
Sold by: Esame Mukete
Phone: 0023777479361
Company name: Glocal
Location: South Africa
Type of offer: Offer_to_sell,jatrophs-oil,rape-seed-oil,corn-oil-soy-beans-oil,canola-oil.html
Contact Information
Company Name : Glocal oil exporters
Address : 201 comm ave,Mbonge
Mbonge south west province Cameroon
Zip : 00237
Tel : 00237- 7747- 9361
Mobile Phone : 0023777479361
Fax : 00237- 7747-
Contact Person (sales and marketing) : Esame Mukete
belly Hall
Name: belly Hall
Breeds: Bulldog,
City: berlin
State/Prov: berlin
Zip: 0049
Country: Germany
Telephone: 01123777479361

Affiliations: akc,kc and bkc registration
Testimonials: delivered well trained puppies
Other Information: Outstanding AKC registered English bulldogs from multi-championship bloodlines with an awesome pedigree. Gorgeous wrinkles,massive bone structure, compact and muscular. Home-raised, family socialized puppies with sweet, loving and playful temperament, loves children. Ready to be a family companion or your best friend. Current vaccinations, de-worming, new crate, veterinarian health check and health certificate. Health guaranteed. Awesome puppy packet looking for a new home. contact
name......Gordon Ashu T,
address....GK pet shipping building,201 comm ave,
17 November 2008, 17:47

Lightbulb I think i was scammed!
I sent yesterday via Moneygram 160 euros to a shipping agency named GK shipping agency with a new branch in Cameroon so that they deliver me a Yorkshire Terrier. They told me the puppy had to be checked in France and then enter Europe. Then they asked for 355 euros to make a life insurance for the puppy! Fortunately i didn't transfer the money. The e-mail of the seller is Please if anyone knows anything about it please reply and let me know! The information she gave me to send the money are the following :
name......Gordon Ashu T,
address....GK pet shipping building,201 comm ave,
gebnna co ltd

amsterdam, Yukon Territory 0036

Send us an email
View Our Current Listings

Jack and Kim are reg. 4yr old friesian stallion ready for the show ring. they have had 2 yrs. professional training in Dressage and have had preliminary cart work. they have been in parades, part of a drill team, and has been on trails.they are very easy going and willing to please. they also knows how to bow,competed in many different disciplines. We have used them for ponyrides for birthday parties and they are always the favorite. they have wonderful ground manners, gets along with any of our horses, and is very sweet. they are easy to load and easy to handle.they have had some ground work, they had their west nile vaccine and 3way in March 2007 and are current on worming.we just moved to Amsterdam Netherlands and they are not getting ride here so they are Looking for a good home and someone to love them. contact gennapollard(at)gmail,com for more details
And all these other ads with the gennapollard address;

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is what a Scammeroonian looks like when he's enjoying the money he just stole from you. Let's see just how well you do about explaining this to the US authorities.

Cameroon scammer Chicks Man​

Oh, and we're not quite finished with you yet....another post will soon follow with an update and more pictures of your ugly face.


Cameroon scammer Chicks Man

We did say that the show was just begining in your case, Cameroon scammer Chicks Man and it wasn't a lie. Internet helped you to steal from honest people and earn enough to get yourself a lavish lifestyle and then buy your way into the US. Guess what? Internet has turned around and come to bite you right in the ass!

Let me give you a clue; you posted this on one of your profile pictures on Facebook;
Chicks Man dadi samba abu sagacite,
Drogba d number na 0012034505462
March 23 at 12:59pm

Well, guess what comes up when we feed Mr. Google this new phone number?
molik group oil factory ltd
Company Profile
we are one of the leading oil manufacturing companies in U.S in Genaral and Connecticut in particular.We have been in existence since 1965nwe have and can supply to any part of the world. we manufacture both refined and crude jatropha oil,sunflower oil
Contact Information

molik group oil factory ltd
554 park ave
bridgeport, Connecticut
United States 06604
# Tel : 1-203-450-5462
Contact : Ms. peter Carl director, sales
The posts below show that you were doing this in April 2010;
9th April 2010, 01:31 AM
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Default Re: Cameroon: **FAKE** edible oil companies **FRAUD**
Hello Poirot,

We continue our business on investigation new supply for edible oils. I will say openly no success - only fake sellers. We get one contacts from USA. Can You check it they call then selves as one of the biggest suppyers.

Steven Clark,
Sales and Marketing,
Molik Group Oil Factory Ltd
554 Park Ave
Bridgeport, CT 06604
Tel: 001 203 450 5462

Is it thue factory, do they deal in rape (canola) seed oil

With regards

Unfortunately for you, this poster was spared the loss simply because he thought of asking for information before. This is how he learned that 554, Park Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut was in fact the location of a small, run-down mini-mall, of which one of the businesses is also a Moneygram franchise. This is most probably your favourite place away from home? Do you realize that you just gave the US authorities a solid lead to track you down?

All this to say that our Scammeroonian friend, Chicks Man is still scamming as he did in Cameroon while he is studying in the United States! A bloody fine way to thank your host country for its hospitality!

Now for more pictures of the ugly turd, not because we enjoy looking at him, but because it will be easier for the US authorities to have something to identify him by;

Cameroon scammer Chicks Man​