Chief Dr. Iyasele M. Sebi


dr sebi

OF MEDICAL HERBALIST IDOAHA LAND (N.A.M.H). who is 85 years old. He
got the skill and art as an inheritance from his father, Late
OSUNSEYEYI of IDOAHA Land in AFRICA.The home has
testimonies from across
United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada,Australia,
Italy, Spain,
Holland, Germany, South Africa and locally in
Africa.......................... FOR EFFECTIVE: Hypertension, Stroke,Skin disease, HIV and AIDS, blindness, Deaf and Dump,
(paralysis), Diabetes, Eyonu Aye, Body Scratches, Impotency,
Sperm,Gonorrhea, Awure, STS 1 & 11 infection, Fibroid,
Success/ Good Luck,
Infertility,Typhoid Fever, Moving object in the body, Pile/Anus
Bareness, Ulcer& other Health related Diseases...............
Orunmila the father of oracle is the first man to practice
medicine (healing) in Yoruba he was blessed with this
knowledge by the GOD &
God refer us to part of his world in Genesis chapter 1 verse
11-12 and 29;
this led us to the secret of how God created leaves and roots
for human food
and for cures........ call us to this number(+2348100733782) so
that we can get you through. WE TREATS BUT GOD HEALS.


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Let's welcome Dr Sebi, who is a scammer in Lagos pretending to be a traditional Yoruba healer. It is beyond me though why he chose to post this rubbish here. Still, I guess a thank you (of sorts) is appropriate but that's only because he managed to get the Biblical references right. WE TREATS BUT GOD HEALS is not correct though: in this case it's rather WE CHEATS BUT GOD HEALS.

Sapphire's Strike

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Jefferson Obozele Benson aka Chief Dr. Iyasele M. Sebi, is an 18 year old FRAUDSTER & THIEF
Sep 6, 2016
am Jefferson Benson by name,am 18+ by age from Africa, i wish that you people can assist me to play in any of your team because i got talent and skills,so i want to be trained and i don't want to waste my time or talents which is a GOD gift, here is my number +2348100733782,i prefer to play as an attacker or midfielder, thanks for your understanding, thanks and God bless you.

Dear manager, coach, technical adviser,
my name is benson obozele jefferson from nigeria. I am 18 years old and i played for under 17, and (mousco international comprehensive college) here in nigeria.
I am a very talented, focused and skillful player with great potentials.
I would like to play in your football club/youth football academy team and i promise to do my best in the uplifting of your esteemed football club. I believe that my trials will definitely convince you.
I was born a footballer and was trained as a utility player and i would love if you give me the chance/opportunity to proove myself to you and the club. I am a skilled footballer and i want to take my football career to a greater height and to the next level.
Please kindly brief me on how i can join your youth football club/academy as i promise to do my best in the uplifting of the club.
Attached is my football cv for you to go through.
I do hope to read/hear from you coach/manager.
Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,
jefferson o. Benson
(edo state - nigeria)


Why not use your above talents. surely you can secure yourself a place in the football club/youth football academy and bypass the football coach altogether?

Jefferson Obozele Benson, Facebook

Does this young thief belong in Name That Scammer?

Benson Jefferson

Hello all,

With great tears in my eyes,I'm really sorry for all which i have done in the early days of my life,i didn't mean to hurt anyone nor scam anyone,please I'm really sorry,sometimes the lonely mind is been pushed by bad ideas or thoughts.....Please I'm a changed person now, I'm not Sebi nor a herbalist ,Please Forgive me for all what which i must have caused ,i have learned from my mistakes,Thanks

Best Regards

Benson Obozele Jefferson

De Master Yoda

Please I'm a changed person now i didn't mean to hurt anyone nor scam anyone,
Benson Obozele Jefferson. So you say you have changed.?
Strange how the SAME IP that you used to send us the declaration of your innocence was used RECENTLY to scam with!

IP Abuse Reports for

This IP address has been reported a total of 2 times from 2 distinct sources. was first reported on December 30th 2018, and the most recent report was 1 week ago.

Old Reports: The most recent abuse report for this IP address is from 1 week ago.

05 Mar 2019This ISP is being used to SEND Advanced Fee Scams
scammer's email address: wilsonmaxwell83 @
Fraud Orders Email Spam
IP Analyzer30 Dec 2018Unauthorized connection attempt from IP address on Port 445(SMB)


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I think Benson Obozele Jefferson - or Jefferson Obozele Benson - just wants to take his "career to a greater height and to the next level." And I'm pretty sure we're not talking about football. So, in your own remote corner of Edo State (or Delta State, you don't always seem to know exactly where you are), what exactly did you learn from your mistakes, Dr Ogudu, Pastor Daniel etc?

De Master Yoda

Benson Obozele Jefferson. We know you are looking at these posts so here is some information for you.

You have expressed a desire to play football for various clubs, possibly this would entail moving to another country to fulfill your dreams, however there is a problem of your own making. Your decision to steal money by scamming has resulted in you being listed on the internet as a low life scammer. No one likes a scammer. :mad:

If you apply to go to another country it is a safe bet to say that countries immigration department would do internet searches and you would then show as being a scammer, so NO visa would be issued.
The search engines have now stored your details so a search would reveal your status as a scammer. E no go beta for you

Your Oga (boss) no doubt did not tell you about the unwanted consequences of scamming. Unless you set things right you will be regarded as a scammer for the rest of your life. You are only 18 so have many years ahead of you to suffer as a recognized and self confessed scammer.
Your decision to become a yahoo yahoo boy or a Gman will adversely affect the rest of your life. It was not a good choice.

More lies from this small boi scamming scumbag.
am straight forward person,who loves truth and never play a smart way with me.

Oh dear Benson here is ANOTHER scam by you. Yet you claim to be a changed person now?

Sapphire's Strike

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Now look here lad, your phone number is also associated with this email address where you become a loan lender, calling yourself MR. FECOK SMITH. (What a ridiculous name!)

You are a liar, thief & scammer. You haven't changed at all.

I presume you are also scamming using the "dying" act. Your words above are very telling. "With great tears in my eyes,I'm really sorry for all which i have done"

Come back here once more crying & lying & we'll find more of your scams.

De Master Yoda

How can we not believe him as he is a doctor and also John Brown as well as being Wilson Maxwell. Benson sure does have problems with his own identity.

Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:27 am
From: JOHN BROWN - bmw.
Reply-to: JOHN BROWN - wilsonmaxwell83
Tel. Nos.: +13239058158 & +2349093211519

Thanks for your fellowship.Yours in service,
Dr Robert McMullen

WOW this guy loses 20 years off his age! He was 85 on Nov 24, 2016
OF MEDICAL HERBALIST IDOAHA LAND (N.A.M.H). who is 65 years old. He
got the skill and art as an inheritance from his father, Late

De Master Yoda

I think his chances of getting a visa to play football overseas is diminishing daily.

The scammers like it when the money comes in, but they do not think of the consequences for their future.
I think that any football club would also do an internet search and so Benson may have destroyed any chance of playing overseas by becoming a scammer.

Benson Jefferson

Hello Everyone

I'm so sorry for everything which i have caused ,i have been able to pay the victim back but with sincerity you could check the year which those posts was being published,,,,i could tell you that i have stopped any cyber crime or internet fraud what so ever,,,,,or is it a crime to come publicly and say I'm sorry for my evil way and wrong doing..

I said i renonce that i will never partake in any Cyber crime,,,Yes i have done so many fraud which i know was a destruction and evil way of life,,,,,please i beg you and everyone which i must have affected in one way or another to please forgive and find a place in your heart to do so,because an idol mind is always where bad thought and company arrives in,,,please I'm sorry especially those affected....Angel

really I'm a changed person now,my dream was to be a footballer or an artist but due to situation ,i later found myself in a manner that the society or people does not like and find unlawful ... I use the medium to say ,I'm a changed person and find a place in your heart to forgive me,please..........please i beg you all,,, If it not enough then take me to where ever you want to take me to,but i know i have renonce and will never do it again,i will prove my innocence ,okay.

Please hope you understand and i beg you all please to please forgive me,okay.

I will be so greatful if any of you could help me in one way or the other help or support me to fulfill my dream ,i will be very grateful,just take me as a child,brother and a friend please.

Thanks and God Bless you all..