Chief Dr. Iyasele M. Sebi


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Benson, you were scamming people out of money promising them snake oil cures or spells. That is one of the lowest things a human can possibly do to another.

Benson Jefferson


I will not lie nor deny the fact ,yes i was in these mess before but no longer,,,,please i can swear ,please I'm not in it,,,,i didn't do it international then but locally but i have only two victims then which 1 paid #5,000 naira and another #6,000 which is #11,000 thousand naira only,,,,nothing more than that,,,,please we are all humans and not above mistake,,,,If God can forgive ,who are we humans .....please brother and sister do not think that I'm still in these path any more,i have departed from those evils ways,please i beg you it a public Apology,,,,forgive me to those whom i must have wrong,,,,,i beg you all to please pity and help me,please.

I'm so sorry......I'm a changed person.....if you show me help i will be greatful ,okay.

Central Scrutinizer

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If you have actually changed Benson you'd be the first scammer I've ever known of who did actually change. Most of them just cry and whine because they got caught, not because they feel sorry for what they've done.