Christopher Anderson - Asylum seeker jailed for £11m inheritance scam

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Asylum seeker jailed for £11m inheritance scam

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An asylum seeker who conned a pensioner out of more than £70,000 by promising him an £11 million inheritance windfall has been jailed for four years.

Christopher Anderson, 39, persuaded 70-year-old Nils Jensen to pay increasing amounts of money to unlock the non-existent funds.

Mr Jensen only realised he was a victim of fraud two years later when he contacted Capital One bank himself to try to get the money.

Detectives then launched a sting operation to arrest Anderson, who was using the identity “Dr Vincent”, during a meeting at a Holiday Inn in London.

Anderson, a refugee from Sierra Leone, pleaded guilty to fraud at the Old Bailey on the first day of his trial.His barrister Ross Johnson said he became involved in the scam because as an asylum seeker he could not claim benefits or work legally.

But the judge, Miss Recorder Joanna Greenberg, told Anderson, from Hackney: “This was a sophisticated advance fee fraud in which an elderly man was ruthlessly exploited. Mr Jensen was naive and trusting and you took full advantage of that by demanding more and money off him. You are in my view a plausible and selfish liar.”

Mr Jensen, who lives in Sweden, paid out £70,477 between May 2010 and May 2012 after receiving a phone call telling him he had been named in a will as sole beneficiary of £11 million.

He finally agreed to fly to London to meet “Dr Vincent” so he could receive the will and get cash from a bank deposit box.
13th August 2013 by Paul Cheston, Courts correspondent