Claire Lawrence Barnett, Afghanistan

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@Idea-Man The site is as Sapphires Strike pointed out looks very shonky. NO contact details at all. ! I think the "site" should be followed by .com However this only seems to work in certain circumstances.

A very weird set up all round.

Contact Us

Adderss : Company Office Address
Telephone No : 000 00 00
Fax No : 000 00 00
Hotline : 000-00000000
E-mail � �
Sales :
Support :
Website URL :
Our Office Hours Monday to Friday from 10:00A.M to 6:00 P.M

Assigned IP Address :
Last updated date : 2017-03-27

Geo-location information

Location : (57, 25)
Latitude : 57
Longitude : 25
Geo-location address : Latvia

Their logo image seems to have been stolen from here:


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Yes Yoda, I noticed that site didn't have Contact info. No business would do that.
It appears that I shamed the woman, "Claire", so much that she stopped activity on the Singles site.


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I don't find this name in a Search here. I'm a male. The name and photos are a real female Sgt. The scammer claims claims she is on combat patrol in Kabul. I checked, US combat ended in 2014-15. The odd thing is, she sent me an audio, after I demanded a video of her. Very foreign voice, but there's gunfire in the background. The scam's claim is we caught an enemy, and he had hidden crude oil worth millions. Her share is $3.8 million. There's even a photo of a buried box full of stacks of $50's and $100's, but marked with a wrap that has the word Security on it. I think that means it belongs to the Military Police. You can see uniformed legs around the open box. She wants me, a total stranger, to receive her box of money, to be sent by diplomatic courier, which has immunity. Of course, there's the usual "I love you, and am coming to marry you when my tour is finished in a few months".
Even odder is I've accused her twice of being a scammer, explained how impossible it is to hide that much oil, and sell it, and there's no oil wells in that region. But she still continued with the scam. Maybe she's new at it, and stupid.
She insists on getting my full name and address. Another odd thing, she hasn't asked for money yet. And I already asked, does this involve me paying a courier fee beforehand.
I've had several romance scams, both from Accra and a real American young sexy white woman. So I don't lose any more money.
Anyone ever seen it this strange?
Watch out for guy claiming he is a General in the US Army. General johnson2 or something he is a scam artist.