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We are Clayton and Engstrom.

We met at about eleven years ago and we both had something in common which is being broke. We both had great dreams and ideas on how to turn our lives around for the better but daily we saw our dreams going by because we were both financially crippled.

Few months later we met with a successful business man and he told us his story and how all that changed after taking up a loan with loan interest rate.
At first we taught it was a bad idea but we decided to attempt it by starting with a small loan. Truly at first, it was all rough and rocky but we made it work and decided to go for a higher loan and after three years business was steady and we started making significant progress and after six years all debts were finally paid of in full.

And now eleven years after, thinking that there could still be other individuals out there in the same situation that we were, we have decided to give back by giving out low interest rate loans to individuals who want to start up businesses, pay off debts or execute major/minor projects. Email us today and we promise to take Care of your financial problems.

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Clayton and Engstrom, a Nigerian Loan firm. ;) Posting from, Owerri, Iwo State, Nigeria, Airtel Networks Limited, and a nice shiny star for you!