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Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2018

ClearDigital Inc is internet electronic currency exchange service. Now, weare looking for customer-oriented Customer Service Agent to supervisee-money exchange process and solve any emerging problems that our customers might experience with accuracy and effectiveness. Customer Service Representative is a part-time position from home. New company employer receives short-term on-the-job education, lasting for 4 weeks. Traning period is fully compensated. This is a primary wage position, monthly salary making up $2850. Company provides 5% bonuses for extra performance.Note, that the full-time occupation is also available after trial period.

Position prospects for Customer Service Agent are supposed to be exceptional since we are founding branch in the US in November. Beginning from November, there are many types of emloyment: part-time and full-time work from home and full-time office job (for NewYork city residents). First month of the probation period is always necessarilly a part-time with the chance to transfer to a full-time based on the performance of the trial. Applicants with strong driving force and sufficient PC skills should have the best job prospects.

-Monitor a large scale of e-money exchange rates and operations within the online environment every day;
-Supervise the exchange processes from FIAT (regular money) to E-money and back;
-Work with clients, give them detailed information about the services, fees andbenefits of the company. All interaction is over the e-mails, and weprovide clients. It's not a promotion position.

-High communication and interpersonal skills;
-Background in work in customer care is welcome but not obligatory;
-Good computing and office software knowledge;
-Trustworthiness, accuracy, care for meeting set deadlines;
-Reachable through phone and e-mail during the day;
-High school diploma, GED or equivalent.

The Supervisor will guide you at every stepin the beginning of the trial period and train you how to operate with currencies and customers. You will need to keep him/her updated concerning the work process and report on the fulfilled assignments.

The selected candidate will have the chance to directly work with current and new E-commerce related service sellers within the USA. It is an interesting and worthwhile position which presents exceptional exposure to the e-currency exchange and transfer elements of worldwide e-commerce and provides the opportunity for career growth and the constant income. If interested in steady and thriving position, send an email with your resume attached and also working phone number as well as the best time to call.,