Cold call scammers.

De Master Yoda

There seems to be an increase in 'cold call' scammers in Australia and elsewhere. Reports are coming in of offshore syndicates run by Americans, Britons and Canadians targeting people with increasingly sophisticated cold call scams.

The scams typically involve 'brokers' spruiking shares in international companies. Unfortunately the 'shares' just do not exist. Losses are being shown as over 100million in Australian dollars with money being transferred to 15 countries.

Indications are that Australia has become the number 1 target of cold call investment scams based in The Philippines.

There have also been calls from a supposed law firm in Switzerland telling a scam victim that money had been recovered from a bitcoin wallet and saying that under Swiss law there was a 3% recovery fee.

Please take care on ANY deals over the internet as they can so easily be scams.