Garreg Ddu

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Yet another scam found because the criminal idiot registered here to try to post his garbage!

The username is cell0123, registered with email address, from IP Address:
descr: Dynamically Allocated to WIMAX Customers
person: Admin Contact SN
nic-hdl: ACS1-AFRINIC
address: 9 B Kwara Street
address: Osborne Estate
address: Lagos
address: Ikoyi, Nigeria

Typical of this scammer's spamming posts is the following, extracted from a cache on another forum:

Ad Type: Selling
Date Posted: 2012-04-02 08:56:35
Type: Iphones
Location: Kisumu Thief's lies - the criminal is in NIGERIA
Description: Our company is a very reliable company, Our products are all new and Equipped with complete accessories and has 1 year international warranty, we guarantee 100% Our Customers That They buy every thing from us are original factory sealed and unlocked. THE MORE YOU BUY THE DISCOUNT YOU GET AND ALSO GET FREE EXTRA ITEMS. ---------- Consumer Electronics® ----------- -------WHY BUY FRO
Price: 300
Contact Info: E-Mail :: Skype:Jamiu.hameed1 Contact Name :: Muhameed Malik Registered No . 04369073 Status : Active
THIS IS FROM which is an advertising site in Kenya. The scammers are so greedy and evil that they are stealing from other Africans.

And from another advertisment, this time on a web-site in Pakistan:
Order from us today and save 100% or more on all your order
Save more than 100% - that means the moron running this scam wants to pay us to take his non-existent goods away.

Yes, the spam really is that badly written, repetative and un-grammatical.

So, cell0123, you get the message? You register here and your scam gets exposed and you become famous as an internet criminal.

Once again, you are warned THIS IS A SCAM. You will be asked to pay by MoneyGram or Western Union and YOU WILL BE ROBBED.

This is a total fake dreamt up by a criminal with the object of stealing your money. No phones or other electronics will ever be delivered.