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That's a long swim from Haiti to Senegal.

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Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012
From: Cordelia Atamba <>

My Dearest One.

How are you, hope all is well with you. I am very happy that you honored my request and happy too to share this with you, please make out time to read it, so that you can understand me very well. Once again my name is miss Cordelia Atamba, 24 years old from Haiti. I hope my letter would not disturb you. And the best way we can know each other better is only when we meet ourselves in person. It was not easy for me to contact you as a woman, but i took the courage to do so because i believe i can find good and God fearing person here in the internet aswell.

I am from the late family of Engr. David R Kenneth Atamba, and i happened to be the first child of my family and the only survivor of my family from the Haiti Earthquake. I am currently residing in Dakar Senegal now because i am among the 163 persons that former Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade gave citizenship in his country Senegal after the Earthquake in my country. We has been provided with free accommodation here which is managed by special organization under UN authorities. But this newly elected President Macky Sall is not giving attention to us.

Personally i have a situation that i have being seeking a solution for it. I have my late father's last statement of account in one of the leading banks in London UK which contains $6.5 M USD (Six million five hundred thousand US dollars) a deposit he made with the bank to his non-residential account there and he use my name as the next of kin. I had written and informed the bank about the tragedy that befell my family and what i have found in my fathers' possession and also my plan to get this fund transferred to another account of my choice since my condition here is no longer suitable to me. They have acknowledged my application with all their confirmations and urged me to provide my next trustee who should legally stand on my behalf.

This is the reason why i decided to make a research, perhaps i could find a reasonable person who can assist me, that is how i came in contact with your ad in the Internet. The main problem is, am not capable to open an account here because of my situation and laws of this country as i don't really want this fund to be provoked into the account of their Federal Government. In fact i don't want them to know anything about this fund. I believe since i am of age and could marry any day it is better to ask you if you could help me out from this very situation because i have always had this dream to travel so this would be a great opportunity for my dream to come true.

Please dear i want you to take time and go through this mail and check very well if you can be able to assist me in this ways. (1) To represent me as my next trustee and partner. (2) To provide your account to the where this fund would be transferred. Our agreement will be, once the reaches your account you will send me a little amount so that i can secure all the necessary documents that will enable me to join you over there where we shall settle.

You can also let me know in which way it may be convenient for you to assist me, to me i will like it if you could come here so that we can see each other, perhaps we can process and conclude the transaction here after which we shall travel together to your country.

I am however willing to go into any legal agreement with you and it is also acceptable to me to offer you an accurate percentage of the total fund, after it's successful transfer and if there are proof you would want, let me know and i will make it available for you if i can. However, i will disclose the complete details of this fund. The bank, the account detail and others only when i have your reasonable response indicating your totally willingness and assurance to assist me all the way, and also your complete contact information as follows.

Your full Names.
Home Address.
Country Of Residing.
Telephone Number.
Your Occupation.
Your Age.
Your Photograph.

The above information is necessary to me, because once i have them i will write an authorization letter to the bank which will allow them to communicate with you at the earliest for the transfer formalities.

Enclose to this mail i have attached my photo, i just lost my phone recently and it has not been easy to get another one, so in case of urgency please call me through this number +221-764792435 it belong to Rev. Basil James a priest that is taking care of the organization where we are residing as Christians. You can only call me on Fridays between 3pm to 6pm that is when the Rev. James stays in the office. Please when you call tell him that you want to speak with me, Cordelia Atamba, he will send for me so that we will talk. And i promise to give you my phone number as soon as i get one.

I hope to hear from you soonest.
Yours Cordelia