Corporate greed, & the end of 'Net neutrality.

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Corporate greed, & the end of 'Net neutrality, but not yet.

Sorry, this is old news, & I should do better searches. I had some trouble dating these vids.

A decision in the European Parliament on May 6th. this year rejected a Telecoms Reform Bill that would have changed the way the 'Net works in Europe.
"(Reuters) - The European Parliament rejected a major reform of EU telecoms rules on Wednesday due to concerns over the rights of Internet users."
See this page:
So far, so good, but the ISP's will not have given up on the idea.
This is not about scams, in the normal sense, but about corporate greed & control of the 'Net.
VirginUK wants to charge web-sites for fast connection-speeds, & the consumer for accessing them. If you can't pay, you won't play. VirginUK is the first company to say this in public, AFIK.
This potentially will see the demise of sites like AFI, and many other volunteer-run sites, such as charities, etc. will disappear, & the only sites you will get easily are those the ISP's will allow a fast connection speed to.
See these videos;
[ame=""]YouTube - Hot girl and crew talk about net neutrality[/ame]
[ame=""]YouTube - Hot Girl &; Crew spreading more net neutrality messages[/ame]
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Net Neutrality

Allowing broadband carriers to control what people see and do online would fundamentally undermine the principles that have made the Internet such a success...A number of justifications have been created to support carrier control over consumer choices online; none stand up to scrutiny."
- Vint Cerf [PDF]
Google Chief Internet Evangelist and Co-Developer of the Internet Protocol

The neutral communications medium is essential to our society. It is the basis of a fair competitive market economy. It is the basis of democracy, by which a community should decide what to do. It is the basis of science, by which humankind should decide what is true. Let us protect the neutrality of the net."
- Tim Berners-Lee
Inventor of the World Wide Web


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Nah, they're just anal retentive types.

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FCC Says It Will Rewrite Net Neutrality Rules
Posted: 02/19/2014

By Alina Selyukh

WASHINGTON, Feb 19 (Reuters) - U.S. federal regulators will once again try to set rules that make sure broadband providers do not block or slow access to content on the Internet, or charge content providers like Netflix or Amazon for faster Web service.

The Federal Communications Commission's plan for new so-called "Net neutrality" rules comes a month after a U.S. court struck down their previous iteration, which was the second court's rejection of the rules.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in January said the FCC, in adopting the 2010 open Internet order, improperly treated Internet service providers as regulated public utilities providing telecommunications services, like telephone companies, while they were actually classified as information service providers.

But the court did affirm that the FCC had authority to regulate broadband as it oversees its expansion and competitiveness of services, giving the agency new legal opportunity to bring back non-discrimination and no-blocking regulations for Internet service providers.

FCC commissioners will now negotiate a new version of the rules that would ensure that network operators disclose exactly how they manage Internet traffic and that they do not restrict consumers' ability to surf the Web or use applications.

Virtually all large Internet service providers, in the wake of January's ruling, pledged to continue abiding by the principles of open Internet. But consumer advocates worry that without properly reclassifying broadband providers, the FCC leaves the door open for backdoor deals that would give unequal treatment to websites or services....