Cote d'Ivoire


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Scammer: Collins Hamson, Hamson Collins, Uzodinnma Ebirim
Father owned fake cocoa plantations or asks for charity donations.

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The Doctor

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Scammer: Linda Ahmed
Name on passport: Linda Kone

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Owola Lucky or Lucky Owola

Scammer Christian Duke probably gets a lot of mileage out of this fake.
Name on passport: Owola Lucky or Lucky Owola (Christian Duke probably doesn't know what a surname is).

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I've been caught too by them!!
Look at that how beautiful it is, if only I got your site before. same picture without the same name for the girl, same name for the master <> Those same old buddies that you already have here. I've been foolish enough to trust them and pay 1495$ up to now and they are still claiming me 3000$ to prevent me from any harm by the law of Africa. Don't fall in the trap please - Sandrine Kome

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