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Creative UK Inc. Ltd. Offshore Financial Manager
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©2008 Creative Art UK.Inc.: Introduces the position of an offshore financial manager,Your responsibility as an offshore financial manager is to process payments from our customers,You do not need to travel to meet our Customers or spend any money from your pocket to get this job position,Please read below to understand better.

The requirements for the candidates are: -
Being energetic, responsible, honest and industrious-
Being between the ages of 18-80 years old-
Having a few (1-2 hrs a day) to check your email-
Having a steady phone number-
Having an email

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Once you are able to attribute yourself and meet all the above listed requirements, you should probably then apply for our offered position. Our company remains the most successful distributor of power equipments manufactured by Toshiba. Recently our profit has increased so much, thus, we decided to expand into the markets of United Kingdom and Canada. Your duties as offshore financial manager will be to receive payments through various means from the customer in the nearest Region. The employee will process the payment and send the money via Western Union or Money gram to one of our regional trade missions or our partner regional branch in the United State.

Our clients make our payments to us by Money Orders and Certified Bank Checks

You are expected to deduct 10% for your income and wired the same day without any excuses. (YOU COULD EARNED UP TO $900usd a day OR MORE) Its real and legit and we have our own way of verifying information given to us to as certain if its genuine or otherwise.

NOTE: ALL CHARGES BY WESTERN UNION AND MONEY GRAM WILL BE HANDLED BY TOSHIBA COMPANY , so when sending via western union or money gram, fees will be taken from total sum processed by you. If you are interested and want to proceed with this employment opportunity you would take your time to complete the form below:

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Contact Residential Address, ( NOT PO BOX )...
Zip Code......
Phone Number / Fax numbers for quick delivery of payments......
Present Occupation...
E-mail .......
Marital Status.......

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Thank you for your time. I await your Urgent Response.

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