Credit Express Cash, Florida


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Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2019
From: "Mr. Mahmood Marisarah" <>
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Subject: Dear Customer;

Dear Customer;

Your parcel from West African content of ATM VISA CARD valued US$2,850,000.00 was returned to us here in Orlando FL- USA, due to incomplete home address provided.

Kindly verify your complete details to enable us reship your parcel to the rightful home address.

The CREDIT UNION will suspend access to your ATM VISA if we don't receive your reply within the given time frame of 72hrs.

We would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter and seize any further communication with any third part(es) relating of your ATM VISA CARD to avoid compromising your VISA CARD CREDENTIALS!

Enclosed mail attach is the scan copy of your ATM VISA CARD for your perspective view!

Thanks for your cooperation!

Contact E-Mail Address (
Tel No: +1 321-465-5439
Orlando City Hall 400 S Orange Ave