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This has been around for a while.

It is well known for it's fradulent Bill of Exchange. Run by Robert Bruce Gray and now operating from Amrock Trust of Switzerland, Kingston and Royce, and several other entities.

The Supreme Court in Australia found their bill of exchange to be not of legal tender, as in :,22606,21586794-2682,00.html

I do wonder as to why it has not shut down.

Here is the article :

Bankrupt Garrett's failed takeovers

April 20, 2007 02:15am

BANKRUPT winemaker Andrew Garrett launched ill-fated takeover bids for four of Australia's largest companies using documents Westpac believed to be worthless, court documents show.

The revelations are made in a judgment on just one of several actions in various courts launched by Garrett, in which judges have spoken of a "mountain" of documents being lodged with the court and "incoherent" statements of claim.
One Federal Court judgment against Garrett details his attempts to acquire Qantas, BHP Billiton, Suncorp Metway and Foster's Group.

The judgment handed down last month dismissed his action against Westpac, which refused to honour two "sight drafts" from purported Swiss bank Creditnet Bank Internationale, for $US350 million and $US11 billion. A previous Supreme Court judgment found that Bills of Exchange from Creditnet were not legal tender. It is unclear whether the bills and the sight drafts are one and the same.

In Westpac correspondence to Garrett, quoted in the judgment, the bank says the drafts were "unusual".

In another Federal Court judgment against Garrett, also handed down recently, his statement of claim was labelled "an embarrassing document replete with grave assertions against persons and entities". In that case, which was dismissed, he was attempting to, among other actions, sue former company Foster's Wine Estates.

Garrett's legal woes began about the time of the collapse of his Braidwood group of companies in July, 2003.

The National Australia Bank, which repossessed his house, is attempting to have him declared a vexatious litigant, which would curtail his ability to lodge actions, at least in the Supreme Court.

Garrett could not be contacted yesterday.
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Your basing fraud on text posted in 2007, this sites been up since 2004.
Why hasn't it been found by other forums who list fakers as u say this
one is.


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Have a look at :

Source :

Also: - ???

If multipostings can bring Victims forward and lodge complaints, then

it is worth it.

By the way, posts on 3 forums does not constitute spaming.

My First Post was in April of 2007 :

The point is to raise awareness to Victims and Potential Victims.

See the swiss Blacklist :

One mor fake note : - This is for Ten Billion Dollars.


[ Richard Ludwig ] [ 21-Mar-09 5:50pm ]

Creditnet Bank Internationale, Australia
Creditnet Bank Internationale, Australia ?

Link: or
ST-52-3291275, 237/51 Robina Town Center 4230, Caledonia Australis
232/15 Albert Ave. Broadbeach, QLD, Australia
c/o AMROCK Trust Company, Rue Rosseau 3, 2114-Fleurier, Switzerland
c/o A.P. Unit 3, Level 10 Yin On Court, United Building, 5 Wu Kwong St. Hung Hom, Kowloon, HK
No. 97 Back Street of the Shi Li He Latern City, Shi Ba Li Dian, Chao District, 100021 Beijing, China
Phone: ++61-4-19393919
Fax: ++1-214-889-1007
Telex: (USA) 479326

This institution claims to be established since March 12, 1999 under the Commonwealth of Caledonia Australis, a break away Micro Nation in Australia which is neither recognized nor otherwise noted as in xistence, beside the claim of the self proclaimed "Excellency, Governor and Royal Highness Prince Neal Arthur Lyster".
The same government certified that a Merchant Banking License has been issued for this entity on December 7, 2004, claiming a registration number ST-7-1011.007, Licence # 105-02 issued by Royal Pacific Central Bank. The licence quotes a worldwide unrestricted Merchant Banking Licence to carry out merchant banking operations under the responsibility of the Chairman of the Board and an Aval of Creditnet Global Bank. The said Chairman of the Board is certified as having promised to carry out business in good conscience, integrity and fairness and all time to apply the Law of God, law of Nature and the British Constitution. The initial Governor of the Boardof the Bank is identified as Robert Bruce Gray and the Bank has to pay 0.76% of its profits to the Royal Pacific Central bank. The licence is for 5 years and has an option for renewal. Beside the Royal Highness a registrar identified as Cilla Leek has signed the licence.

The bank itself identifies itself as a " pure Sovereign Trust". Their business is described as: providing funding, equity or joint venture participation for the development of commercial, humanitarian benevolence and infra structure projects. The bank claims to have negotiated international transactions at Corporate and Government level in agriculture, banking, construction and mining; transacted au and currency transactions; they claim to be committed to fund environmental projects for reducing gas emissions, they subscribe to the promotion of Good Will and Good Conscience.
The bank claims to have an asset base which is rated AAA+ by AACRAA and that all their instruments are backed by such assets and registered in on-line databases. They claim to have stepped away from currency because of its fluctuation and are holding Gold Assets.
The Bank claims that information and data is protected by English Common law and the Mercantile law of confidential contracts. They also claim to apply the Know-Your-Customer-Rules.
Members of the Board are identified as:
Robert B. Gray, UK Passport 761012423
Reginald E.J. Kidd (CPA),Contact: ++64-2131-1919
Chris Hollows, Contact: ++64-2723-59269
Steve Irwin, Contact: ++61-4-0711-0988
John Sitkiewics, Contact: ++61-4-0535-0535
Klaus Dreier, Swiss Passport F3414439, Contact: ++41-7-9791-5150
David Matthew, Contact: ++44-78-01053914
and Iain Naylor.

For contact in China the following details are known:
China: Zhao Sheng Li, Contact: ++86-130-2193-3368 and Aileen Wan Ran Contact: ++86-139-1006-3416
HK: Anita Wong Yu, contact: ++852-9483-9933

In the flow of the business the Bank has been identified as backing Amrock Trust Company, which seems to be the main outlet, hinting to a Central Swiss Federal Registry at where they claim the Amrock Trust Company is registered under: CH-645.1.001.639-3. The Bank claims to transact European medium term Notes via an MTN Exchange identified as
There is a company in between which identifies itself as Kingston & Royce Group, represented by Nicolaase Jansen van Rensburg using email: and claiming contact details as follows:
++1-617-934-0564, ++41-79-409-5505 and ++27-76-400-4200.
This company which claims to work within the network of the Bank claims to have an account with the State Bank of Mauritius under the name K&R Wealth Management Ltd # 61026000012280. The Bank issued supposed Medium Term Notes with 7% p.a. Interest Coupons on May 15 2008, due date June 14, 2013 under # 718241625 claiming ISIN ARC710112206, for USD 100 Million; claiming to be backed by AU precious metal , payable at the counter in Switzerland at Amrock Trust Company.

Warning: This institution is neither a bank, nor a trust nor an entity in itself. The license is issued by a non-entity, it is neither endorsed nor registered with the responsible jurisdiction and carries no viable assets nor legal responsibilities which are enforceable outside a fraud status. The claimed jurisdictions effectively will not back them and the registration law applying does not provide any recourse.

This is not a bank!

follow the discussion at:

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This man, Robert Bruce Gray, is really something else. Is he under the belief that we are that dumb? Issuing bank notes amounting to several hundred billion USD when this alleged bank is not worth the paper its using to print these worthless MTNs?

Pity the fool that believes on his BS stories.


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Good afternoon Im currently dealing with Mr. Robert Gray and Amrock they are asking us to accept a KTT wire transfer on the amount of 250m Ero I notice all your dealings are 2009 any more information you can offer would be great as I have now put everything on hold
Western banks no longer use KTT (key tested telex machines).



or better key tested telex is still used for documentary LC's and such banks which have shared or only a couple of hours a day SWIFT address, such as you find with smaller banks in poorer countries, all money center banks still have telex and a key machine assisted computer which does the telexing.


just to add

for example
Bank of America NYC telex is: 232037
American Express Bank telex in NYC is: 421044
Citibank NYC telex is: 420392
Deutsche Bank NYC telex: 62922

these above are for correspondent banking


KTT monitoring

it's actually pretty easy as none of the people talking about KTT seem to know how it is actually done and worded, all the forms and wording I have seen so far from brokers are in no way even close


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Creditnet Bank New Front Company Commits Fraud

Creditnet has formed an IBC called COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT BANK see link

They have in the last 2 days sent out Fraudulent KTT MT 103 transmissions for 500 Million Euros x 2.

BEWARE as it will cause enormous grief with your Bank should you receive Fraudulent KTT's.



Good afternoon Im currently dealing with Mr. Robert Gray and Amrock they are asking us to accept a KTT wire transfer on the amount of 250m Ero I notice all your dealings are 2009 any more information you can offer would be great as I have now put everything on hold
Hello PMD Funding,

I wanted to ask you if you ever end up dealing with Robert Grey on accepting a transfer via KTT Telex?

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That was more than 5 years ago. I doubt that person has been back in years, Nikolai.


Yes, indeed. Robert Bruce surfaced again, as a Bank Governor and Chairman of the Board of Commercial Development Bank with the seat in Australia but, apparently established as a bank of The Autonomous region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. You can find more on their site:

He sent an "International Banker's Draft (IBD)" to our bank in Europe, on the behalf of our client (instead of Letter of Guaranty, defined in the contract) who bought industrial machinery from us.

Please help me understand - is our client a fraudster, or just a victim?

Thank you

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An "Australian bank" website that's registered in Germany. So--scam.


I am dealing with Robert Bruce Gray and his associates. They promised to issue Bank Draft from one of the prime banks in Europe with the amount of € 500millions. Their contact of Bank Officer in the issuing bank seemed to be legit but if you check further the name and email address of the Bank Officer is only similar but not the same with the real person. Anybody has experienced the same thing ?