Dale Benson Jr, DHL


Staff member
ID card at United States

Return-Path: <event.olympic2018@gmail.com>
From: DHL Delivery Service <event.olympic2018@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2020

Attention Please,

I am Dale Benson Jr, Senior Delivery Officer of DHL Delivery Service. Attached Copy is my ID Card. I just arrived today. I am about to come out of your Airport and board Cab to your location but Airport Authorities are demanding for $100 to issue me Gate-Pass before I can go out of the Airport. This is the only delay am having here.

Understanding Gate Pass And It's Importance:.

The authorized gate pass document is verified by the security persons in charge of the gate and they will allow the movement only if they see the authorized gate.

Please reconfirm your address again so that I can move on once the fee of $100 is settled, Meanwhile am expecting the $100 by iTunes Card now.

Mr Dale Benson Jr